Celebrating Teaching 2013

The Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning holds an annual event where we encourage teaching faculty to respond to a question about their teaching. We do this to encourage personal reflection on teaching, to provide a space for scholarship in teaching and to provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration around teaching.  All of the submissions are published in Path to Pedagogy. We make a draw from all of the entries and offer a prize to the lucky teacher.

Congratulations to Christopher J. Fries

Derek Brewin Agribusiness & Ag. Economics
Mock commodity trading accounts

Lawrence Bird City Planning
Making short films
Lisa Landrum Architecture
Lalenya Stewart Interior Design
Self/peer/instructor Feedback, Assessment & Evaluation
Karen Wilson-Baptist Landscape Architecture
Dialogue, spoken & symbolic

Magdalena Blackmore German & Slavic Studies
Journal writing
Melanie Glenwright Psychology
"Teaching large classes - asking questions, tailoring the course to student feedback"
Randy Jamieson Psychology
"Age-old techniques, lecture/dialectic/debate"
Yuhko Kayama Asian Studies
George MacLean Political Studies
Learning objectives
Dana Medoro English, Film & Theatre
Takes attendance
Robert Ouellette Aboriginal Focus Program
Moneca Sinclaire Native Studies
Aboriginal healing ways
Katherine Starzyk Psychology
Individualized personalized feedback on student's personality

Salme Lavigne Dental Hygiene
Mini in-class case studies
Laura MacDonald Dental Hygiene
Short stories & poetry
Anthony Nowakowski Restorative Dentistry
Groups headed by international students
Igor Pesun Restorative Dentistry
Students are asked to provide a multiple-choice question based on the lecture

Jerome Cranston Education, Admin, Fdns & Psych
A progressive form of narrative analysis
Brian Lewthwaite Curriculum, Teaching & Learning
Interview technique
Tim Podolsky Learning Assistance Centre

Danny Mann Biosystems Engineering
Industry panel review of design objects
R. Sri Ranjan Biosystems Engineering
Bob McLeod Electrical & Computer Engineering
Encourage & motivate students who are most in need

Environment & Geography
Cathy Gervais Environment & Geography
Allowing students to choose any topic that interests them for a long essay

Human Ecology
Tammi Feltham Human Ecology
Short assignments in order to practice speaking & presentation skills
Stephanie Caligiuri Human Nutritional Sciences
Joyce Slater Human Nutritional Sciences
Speed debating

Kinesiology & Recreation Management
Joe Gordon Kinesiology & Recreation Management
Problem-based learning strategy
Sarah Teetzel Kinesiology & Recreation Management
"Pass or answer" assigned reading review activity
Christine Van Winkle Kinesiology & Recreation Management
Personalize learning material
Joannie Halas Physical Education
Relationship building
Roland Lavallee Physiotherapy
Simple visual representations

Subbu Sivaramakrishnan Asper School of Business
Students make an exam

Lisa Mendez Occupational Therapy
Collaborative learning
Theresa Sullivan Occupational Therapy
"Snowball fight"
Aizeddin Mhanni Pediatrics/Medical Education
Anchor technique
Ming-Ka Chan Pediatrics & Child Health
Effective feedback

Catherine Robbins Choral
Student video feedback and follow-up

Rae Harwood Nursing
Donna Martin Nursing
Collaborating testing
Donalda Wotton Nursing

Kristine Petrasko Pharmacy
Quizzes at the beginning of every class

Norm Kenkel Biological Sciences
Internet assignments
Jane Waterman Biological Sciences
Skype/iChat/Angel/Web CT
Marzena Kastyak-Ibrahim Chemistry
Horace Luong Chemistry
Graphics tablet and laptop
Elena Smirnova Chemistry
Give students as much time & attention as you can
Jennifer van Wijngaarden Chemistry
Journal style referee reports
Rob Borgesen Mathematics
Darja Kalajdzievska Mathematics
Encouragement and positive reinforcement
Gabor Lukacs Mathematics
Funny videos
Katherine Davies Statistics
Group activities and games
Zeny Mateo Statistics
iClicker technology

Social Work
Kendra Nixon Social Work
2-minute papers

University 1
Michael O'Brien-Moran University 1