Student Teacher Recognition Reception - 2008

These awards give outstanding graduating students an opportunity to honour teachers who have made important contributions to their education. Recognizing that academic growth and development occurs over many years, the outstanding students are asked to recognize two teachers: one from their Kindergarten to Grade 12 years and one from their years at The University of Manitoba. During the awards ceremony, the students each come forward with their honoured teachers to tell about the contribution of their honoured teachers.

2008 Students' Teacher Recognition Reception

Agriculture & Food Science
Student Nominated:  Ms. Pam Desrochers
Department :Agribusiness
K-12 Teacher: Mrs. Leslie Rheault, Mariapolis Elem. School
U of M Professor: Dr. Gary Johnson, Agribusiness/Agricultural Economics

Agriculture & Food Science Award Winners

Student Nominated:
Ms. Jori Pincock
Department: Environmental Design
K-12 Teacher: Mr. Ross Bannatyne, Acadia Jr. High
U of M Professor: Prof. Dietmar Straub, Landscape Architecture

Achitecture Award Winners
Student Nominated: Ms. Jackie Cooney
Department: History
K-12 Teacher: Mr. Mick Friesen, Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute
U of M Professor: Dr. David Churchill, History
Arts Award Winners
Asper School of Business
Student Nominated: Ms. Amanda Wittick
Department: Finance/Commerce/Marketing
K-12 Teacher: Mr. Dan Beettam, Valley Gardens Middle School
U of M Professor: Dr. David Stangeland, Finance
Asper School of Business Award Winners
Clayton H. Riddell, Environment, Earth & Resources
Student Nominated: Ms. Melanie Rollins
Department: Environment & Geography
K-12 Teacher: Mrs. Karen Augustine, Lac du Bonnet Sr. School
U of M Professor: Mrs. Leanne Shewchuk, Environmental Responsibilites
Clayton H. Riddell, Environment, Earth & Resources Award Winners
Student Nominated:Ms. Tijana Stijacic
Department: Dentistry
K-12 Teacher: Mr. Brian Masters, Elmwood High School
U of M Professor: Dr. Denny Smith, Restorative Dentistry
Dentistry Award Winners
Student Nominated:Ms. Jennifer Sykes
Department: Early Years Program
K-12 Teacher: Mme. Geeta Persaud, École Seven Oaks Middle School
U of M Professor: Dr. Barbara McMillan, Curriculum, Teaching & Learning
Education Award Winners
Student Nominated: Ms. Elise Dyck
Department: Civil Engineering
K-12 Teacher: Mr. Michael McGovern, Collège Jeanne-Sauvé
U of M Professor: Dr. James Blatz, Civil Engineering
Engineering Award Winners
Human Ecology
Student Nominated:Ms. Nita Abbi
Department: Human Nutritional Sciences
K-12 Teacher: Mrs. Michelle Klus, St. Mary's Academy
U of M Professor: Dr. June Kohut, Human Nutritional Sciences
Human Ecology Award Winners
Kinesiology & Recreation Management
Student Nominated: Ms. Joelle Sabourin
Department: Rec. Management & Comm. Dev.
K-12 Teacher: Mr. Sheldon Bouchard, Collège St. Jean Baptiste
U of M Professor: Prof. Colleen Plumton, Rec. Management & Comm. Dev.
Kinesiology & Recreation Management Award Winners
Student Nominated: Ms. Courtney Leary
Department: Medical Education
K-12 Teacher: Mr. Rick Scott, Norway House High School
U of M Professor: Dr. Elizabeth Worobec, Mircrobiology
Medicine Award Winners
Student Nominated: Ms. Michelle Mielniczek
Department: Music
K-12 Teacher: Mrs. Nicole Grimard, École Regent Park
U of M Professor: Ms. Beryl Peters, Music Education
Music Award Winners

tudent Nominated: Ms. Michelle Klimczak
Department: Nursing
K-12 Teacher: Mr. Fred Veldink, Collège Beliveau
U of M Professor: Mrs. Eleanor Hrabowych, Nursing

Nursing Award Winners
Student Nominated: Miss Omolayo Famuyide
Department: Pharmacy
K-12 Teacher: Mr. Raffaele Borelli, Collège St. Norbert
U of M Professor: Dr. Rob Ariano, Pharmacy
Pharmacy Award Winners
School of Art
Student Nominated: Ms. Catherine Toews
Department: Art
K-12 Teacher: Mr. John Kiddell, Fort Richmond Collegiate
U of M Professor: Prof. Gordon Reeve, Sculpture
School of Art Award Winners
School of Dental Hygiene
Student Nominated: Ms. Heather Wawrykow
Department: Dental Hygiene
K-12 Teacher: Ms. Dawn Bohonos, Silver Heights Collegiate
U of M Professor: Prof. Laura MacDonald, Dental Hygiene
School of Dental Hygiene Award Winners
School of Medical Rehabilitation
Student Nominated: Ms. Kristine Christoph
Department: Respiratory Therapy
K-12 Teacher: Ms. Cheryl McCombe, Fort Richmond Collegiate
U of M Professor: Dr. Donal McCarthy, Medical Rehabilitation
School of Medical Rehabilitation Award Winners
Student Nominated: Ms. Natali Serrano
Department: Chemistry
K-12 Teacher: Dr. Patricia Mitchler, Kelvin High School
U of M Professor: Dr. Frank Hruska, Chemistry
Science Award Winners
Social Work
Student Nominated: Ms. Ashleigh Mitchell
Department: Social Work
K-12 Teacher: Mrs. Judy Harapiak, Montrose School
U of M Professor: Ms. Juliana West, Social Work
Social Work Award Winners


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