Student's Teacher Recognition Reception - 2009

These awards give outstanding graduating students an opportunity to honour teachers who have made important contributions to their education. Recognizing that academic growth and development occurs over many years, the outstanding students are asked to recognize two teachers: one from their Kindergarten to Grade 12 years and one from their years at The University of Manitoba. During the awards ceremony, the students each come forward with their honoured teachers to tell about the contribution of their honoured teachers.

This year we are pleased to offer a webcast recording of the event.  You can click here to view a recording of the web cast.


2009 Students' Teacher Recognition Reception

Agricultural & Food Sciences
Student Nominated: Jonathan Veilleux
Department: Agroecology
K - 12 Teacher: Marc Bellemare, Seminaire de la Tres-Sainte-Trinite
U of M Teacher: Neil Holliday, Entomology


Student Nominated: Janelle Fillion
Department: Architecture
K - 12 Teacher: Luc Nadeau, École communautaire Réal-Bérard
U of M Teacher: Deborah Scott, Furniture Design




Student Nominated:  Freda Howell
Department: Psychology
K - 12 Teacher: Elizabeth Abraham, Mount Carmel School, New Delhi India
U of M Teacher: Katherine Starzyk, Psychology

Asper School of Business
Student Nominated:  Melanie Rose Klippenstein
Department: Actuarial Mathematics
K - 12 Teacher: Deb Woloshyn, Samuel Burland School
U of M Teacher:  Kevin Shand, Actuarial Studies & Research

Clayton H. Riddell, Environment, Earth & Resources
Student Nominated:  Jeffrey Willows
Department: Geography
K - 12 Teacher: Mike MacWilliam, Silver Heights Collegiate
U of M Teacher:  William Norton, Human Geography

Student Nominated:  Peter Zettler
Department: Dentistry
K - 12 Teacher: Mike Lukyn, Portage Collegiate Institute
U of M Teacher:  Charles Lekic, Pediatric Dentistry

Student Nominated:  Michael Moreau
Department:  Education
K - 12 Teacher:  Larry Petkau, College Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau
U of M Teacher:  Ralph Mason, Curriculum Teaching & Learning

Student Nominated:   Carly Delavau
Department:  Civil Engineering
K - 12 Teacher:  Dean Favoni, Dakota Collegiate
U of M Teacher:  James Blatz, Civil Engineering

Human Ecology
Student Nominated:  Shirley Angelia Simadiputri
Department:  Human Ecology
K - 12 Teacher: Teddy Aryawan, SMAK 4 Penabur, Jakarta, Indonesia
U of M Teacher:  Connie Magalhaes, Foods & Nutrition

Kinesiology & Recreation Management
Student Nominated:  Carrie Ryman
Department:  Kinesiology & Recreation Management
K - 12 Teacher:  Tom Fischer, Emerson Elementary School
U of M Teacher:  Janice Butcher, Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Student Nominated:  Philip Bock
Department:  Undergraduate MD Program
K - 12 Teacher:  Evelyn Davison, Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary
U of M Teacher:   Jerry Vriend, Human Anatomy

Student Nominated:  Robert Chrol
Department:  Music
K - 12 Teacher:  Sally Metcalfe, Maple Leaf Elementary School
U of M Teacher:   Ken Gold, Jazz Studies & Saxophone

Student Nominated:   Harriet Yarmill
Department:  Nursing (BPRN)
K - 12 Teacher:  Irene Henderson, Reditt School
U of M Teacher:  Susan McClement, Nursing

Student Nominated:  Margo McCrae
Department:  Pharmacy
K - 12 Teacher:  Tannis Macdonald, Vincent Massey High School
U of M Teacher:  Lavern Vercaigne, Clinical Pharmacy & Therapeutics

School of Art
Student Nominated:  Karen Asher
Department:  School of Art
U of M Teacher:   David McMillan, Photography

Student Nominated:  Sophie Davie
Department: Science
K - 12 Teacher: Roger Rouire, Vincent Massey Collegiate
U of M Teacher:  William Korytowski, Mathematics

Social Work
Student Nominated:  Omar Adan
Department: William Norrie Centre - Inner City Program
K - 12 Teacher:  South Hill Education Centre
U of M Teacher:  Eveline Milliken, Inner City Social Work

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