Students Teacher Recognition Reception 2011

These awards give outstanding graduating students an opportunity to honour teachers who have made important contributions to their education. Recognizing that academic growth and development occurs over many years, the outstanding students are asked to recognize two teachers: one from their Kindergarten to Grade 12 years and one from their years at The University of Manitoba. During the awards ceremony, the students each come forward with their honoured teachers to tell about the contribution of their honoured teachers.

Click here to view the 2011 STRR awards presentation.

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Students' Teacher Recognition Reception Award Photos

Student Nominated: Kathryn Jolene Lepp
Department: Faculty of Agricultural & Food Sciences
K - 12 Teacher: Brenda Sokoloski
U of M Teacher: Paul Bullock

Student Nominated: Judith Cheung
Department: Faculty of Architecture
K - 12 Teacher: Randy Haley
U of M Teacher: Marcella Eaton

Student Nominated: Ryan Trudeau
Department: School of Art
K - 12 Teacher: Michel Roy
U of M Teacher: Sharon Alward

Student Nominated: Laura Husak
Department: Faculty of Arts
K - 12 Teacher: Kim Burnett
U of M Teacher: Derek Johnson

Student Nominated: Nour Rashid
Department: Faculty of Arts
K - 12 Teacher: Darryl Toews
U of M Teacher: George MacLean

Student Nominated: Peter Siamandas
Department: I.H. Asper School of Business
K - 12 Teacher: Rachel Vigier
U of M Teacher: Howard Harmatz

Student Nominated: Lauren Eggie
Department: Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources
K - 12 Teacher: Serge Richer (absent)
U of M Teacher: Nancy Chow

Student Nominated: Nicole Leduc
Department: School of Dental Hygiene
K - 12 Teacher: Courtney De Spiegelaere
U of M Teacher: Dianne Girardin

Student Nominated: Michael Greene
Department: Faculty of Dentistry
K - 12 Teacher: John D’Allessandri (absent)
U of M Teacher: Charles Lekic

Student Nominated: Chris Heidebrecht
Department: Faculty of Education
K - 12 Teacher: Chris Arnold
U of M Teacher: Jennifer Katz

Student Nominated: Derek Neufeld
Department: Faculty of Engineering
K - 12 Teacher: Derek Kroeker
U of M Teacher: Eric Bibeau

Student Nominated: Hannah Sangalang
Department: Faculty of Human Ecology
K - 12 Teacher: Karen Lynn Miller
U of M Teacher: Lena Horne

Student Nominated: Ann Marguerite Mohammed
Department: Faculty of Kinesiology & Recreation  Management
K - 12 Teacher: Patricia James (absent)
U of M Teacher: Colleen Plumton

Student Nominated: Brett Gladstone
Department: Faculty of Law
K - 12 Teacher: Neil Dempsey
U of M Teacher: David Deutscher

Student Nominated: Rayannah Kroeker
Department: Marcel A. Desautels Faculty of Music
K - 12 Teacher: Lefco Doche
U of M Teacher: Larry Roy

Student Nominated: Kristjan Thompson
Department: Faculty of Medicine
K - 12 Teacher: Robert Praznik
U of M Teacher: George G. Zhanel

Student Nominated: Joy Rashid
Department: Faculty of Pharmacy
K - 12 Teacher: Darryl Toews
U of M Teacher: Kristine Petrasko

Student Nominated: Iian Smythe
Department: Faculty of Science
K - 12 Teacher: Brian Howie
U of M Teacher: Gábor Lukács

Student Nominated: Lauren Hayward
Department: Faculty of Science
K - 12 Teacher: John Poulter
U of M Teacher: Byron Southern

Student Nominated: Karen De Blonde
Department: Faculty of Social Work
K - 12 Teacher: Carolyn Szun
U of M Teacher: Juliana M. West