Students Teacher Recognition Reception 2013

These awards give outstanding graduating students an opportunity to honour teachers who have made important contributions to their education. Recognizing that academic growth and development occurs over many years, the outstanding students are asked to recognize two teachers: one from their Kindergarten to Grade 12 years and one from their years at The University of Manitoba. During the awards ceremony, the students each come forward with their honoured teachers to tell about the contribution of their honoured teachers.

To view a recording of the 2013 STRR ceremony, click here.

Students' Teacher Recognition Reception Recipients

Student Nominated: Ryan Murphy
Department: Food Science1
K-12 Teacher: Daryl Wiebe
U of M Teacher: Martin Scanlon

Student Nominated: Matt Lowry
Department: Agriculture Diploma
K-12 Teacher: Kerri Hayhurst
U of M Teacher: Don Flaten

Student Nominated: Aaron Pollock
Department: Environmental Design
K-12 Teacher: Marlene Leuschen
U of M Teacher: T. Jeffrey Garcia

Student Nominated: Thomas Toles
Department: English, Film & Theatre
K-12 Teacher: Mary Hawn
U of M Teacher: Robert Smith

Student Nominated: Alexa Yakubovich
Department: Psychology
K-12 Teacher: Paula MacPherson
U of M Teacher: Randall K. Jamieson

Student Nominated: Michelle Curry
Department: Environment & Geography
K-12 Teacher: Heather Singer
U of M Teacher: John Hanesiak

Student Nominated: Raymond Wang
Department: Dental Hygiene
K-12 Teacher: Irene Kocsis
U of M Teacher: Lorene Belows

Student Nominated: Karen Rosolowski
Department: Faculty of Dentistry
K-12 Teacher: Benoit Lepine
U of M Teacher: Doug Brothwell

Student Nominated: Sarah Barton
Department: Faculty of Education
K-12 Teacher: Lauri McFarlane
U of M Teacher: Catherine Casey

Student Nominated: Lucas Wazney
Department: Civil Engineering
K-12 Teacher: Kevin Kitching
U of M Teacher: Shawn Clark

Student Nominated: Jennifer Bewza
Department: Human Nutritional Sciences
K-12 Teacher: Mary-Anne Lovallo
U of M Teacher: Joyce Slater

Student Nominated: Sara Oswald
Department: Physical Education Management
K-12 Teacher: Ginette Lafreniere
U of M Teacher: LeAnne Petherick

Student Nominated: Marlena Bova
Department: Faculty of Law
K-12 Teacher: Michael Heilmann
U of M Teacher: Evaristus Oshionebo

Student Nominated: Matthew Packer
Department: Marcel A. Desautels Faculty of Music
K-12 Teacher: Jacquie Dawson
U of M Teacher: Allen Harrington

Student Nominated: Elaine Bronsdon
Department: Faculty of Nursing
K-12 Teacher: Ruth Hallonquist
U of M Teacher: Bernadine Wallis

Student Nominated: Amber Gemmell
Department: Genetics
K-12 Teacher: Donna Martens
U of M Teacher: Jeffrey Marcus

Student Nominated: Ying Ying Liu
Department: Computer Science
K-12 Teacher: Zhi Bing Chen
U of M Teacher: Parimala Thulasiraman

Student Nominated: Erica Siddall
Department: Faculty of Social Work
K-12 Teacher: Ketri Wilkes
U of M Teacher: Donal Robinson