Students Teacher Recognition Reception 2010

These awards give outstanding graduating students an opportunity to honour teachers who have made important contributions to their education. Recognizing that academic growth and development occurs over many years, the outstanding students are asked to recognize two teachers: one from their Kindergarten to Grade 12 years and one from their years at The University of Manitoba. During the awards ceremony, the students each come forward with their honoured teachers to tell about the contribution of their honoured teachers.

STRR 2010 Webcast

Students' Teacher Recognition Reception Award Photos

Agricultural & Food Sciences
Student Nominated: Marcia McFadden
Department: Agricultural & Food Sciences
K - 12 Teacher: Bruce Willows,
Rivers Elementary School
U of M Teacher: Sue Arntfield, Food Science



Student Nominated: Claire Fontaine
Department: Environmental Design
K - 12 Teacher: Frances Dockerill,
Parksville Elementary School  N/P
U of M Teacher: Liane Veness, Architecture



Student Nominated:  Laura Magnussen
Department: Art
K - 12 Teacher: Deb Scott, Hastings School
U of M Teacher: Gordon Reeve, Art



Student Nominated:  Evan Bowness
Department: Sociology
K - 12 Teacher: Derek Sims, Churchill High School
U of M Teacher: Elizabeth Comack, Sociology



Asper School of Business
Student Nominated:  Matthew Ullenboom
Department: Commerce
K - 12 Teacher: Tom Crew, Charleswood Junior High
U of M Teacher: Reg Litz, Marketing



Clayton H. Riddell, Environment, Earth & Resources
Student Nominated:  Sophia Lavergne
Department: Environmental Science
K - 12 Teacher: Paul Marcous, Le Collège Louis-Riel
U of M Teacher:  James Hare, Biological Sciences    N/P



Dental Hygiene
Student Nominated:  Kyle Conrad
Department: Dental Hygiene
K - 12 Teacher: Neal Van De Spiegle, Westmount School Complex
U of M Teacher:  Salme Lavigne, Dental Hygiene   N/P



Student Nominated:  Danielle Rainnie
Department: Dentistry
K - 12 Teacher: Darren Oughton, Boissevain School
U of M Teacher:  John Perry, Dental Diagnostic & Surgical Sciences



Student Nominated:   Jesse Hofer
Department:  Middle Years Stream
K - 12 Teacher:  Zacharias Hofer, Fairway School 
U of M Teacher:  Brian Lewthwaite, Curr., Teaching & Learning



Student Nominated:   Tyler Grant
Department:  Engineering
K - 12 Teacher:  Shea Bollegraf, Springfield Middle School
U of M Teacher:  Jason Morrison, Biosystems Engineering



Human Ecology
Student Nominated:  Kelly Fehr
Department:  Human Nutritional Sciences
K - 12 Teacher: Raffaele Borelli, College St. Norbert
U of M Teacher:  Christine Lengyel, Human Nutritional Sciences



Kinesiology & Recreation Management
Student Nominated:  Aaron Boila
Department:  Physical Education
K - 12 Teacher:  Emile Wallack, École Avila School
U of M Teacher: Joannie Halas, Kinesiology & Recreation Management



Student Nominated:  Jason Roberts
Department:  Law
K - 12 Teacher:  Nick Fergus, École Marie-Anne-Gaboury
U of M Teacher:   Gerald Heckman, Law



Marcel A Desoutels Faculty of Music
Student Nominated:  Alena Arnason
Department:  Music
K - 12 Teacher:  Darrin Oehlerking, Glenlawn Collegiate
U of M Teacher:   Allen Harrington, Music



Student Nominated:   Erin Barclay
Department:  Nursing
K - 12 Teacher:  John Muller, John Henderson Junior High
U of M Teacher:  Sara Shuster, Nursing



Student Nominated:   Yang Xu
Department:  Pharmacy
K - 12 Teacher:  Bruce Dryburgh, Kelvin High School, N/P
U of M Teacher:  Kristine Petrasko, Pharmacy



Student Nominated:  Trevor Remple
Department: Physics & Astronomy
K - 12 Teacher: Ted Jeninga, Calvin Christian School
U of M Teacher:  Gábor Lukács, Mathematics



Social Work
Student Nominated:  Vanessa Patola
Department: Social Work
K - 12 Teacher:  Becky Krewchuk, Churchill High School
U of M Teacher:  Kathy Jones, Social Work