Awards for Excellence in Graduate Student Mentoring

Download Graduate Student Mentoring Award Information (.pdf)

The University of Manitoba will offer up to two awards annually to recognize outstanding mentorship of graduate students over many years. Each award consists of $10,000 and is to be awarded in its entirety to a graduate student of the awardee’s choice.

Awards will be given each year to those holding academic membership in the Faculty of Graduate Studies (i.e., all full-time members of the academic staff of the University of Manitoba who hold the rank of Assistant Professor or above; those who have been appointed to the rank of Professor Emeritus/Emerita, Senior Scholar, Distinguished Professor, or Distinguished Professor Emeritus/Emerita; those who have been appointed as Adjunct Professors) as well as GFTs who have supervised graduate students for a minimum of 5 years at the University of Manitoba;

Normally one award will be given each year to a faculty member in (a) Fine Arts / Humanities / Social Sciences, and (b) Engineering / Health Sciences / Natural Sciences. Nominations for this award should come from a faculty member’s line dean by May 21st. Each line dean is limited to one nomination per competition. Nominations must include: (a) a completed nomination form and letter that describes the nominee's record of excellence in graduate student mentoring (please to criteria below); (b) an abbreviated curriculum vitae outlining the nominee's record related to graduate student mentoring; (c) letters of support from former and/or current graduate students; and (d) other supporting documents or letters as appropriate.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate nominations: (a) evidence of sustained excellence in the mentoring of graduate students to completion; (b) a demonstrated responsiveness to graduate students’ needs; (c) evidence of fostering a collegial environment of inquiry, and critical thinking; (d) encouraging the students’ creation and dissemination of new knowledge; (e) positive effect on students’ motivation; (f) lasting positive student outcomes; (g) other information deemed relevant.

The awards will be adjudicated by a committee that is appointed and chaired by the Vice-Provost (Graduate Education) and Dean (Faculty of Graduate Studies) or designate. The committee will include the Director of the Centre for the Advancement of Teaching (CATL), the President of the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA), two graduate program chairs, and two other members of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.