Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Saunderson Award for Excellence in Teaching

2019 Saunderson & Stanton Awards Call for Nominations (.pdf)
2019 Saunderson Award Guidelines (.pdf)

This award recognizes an outstanding University of Manitoba educator who has demonstrated continuing teaching excellence and who made contributions to advancing teaching and learning at both the U of M and at the national or international level.

The Award consists of a plaque and a monetary award of $10,000. The recipient will be included in the Convocation Ceremony and will also deliver a presentation within the U of M New Faculty Orientation.

First offered in 1971, the Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Saunderson Award for Excellence in Teaching is presented annually at May convocation to an outstanding teacher. Each year $2,000 awards are provided from revenue from the Saunderson Fund. Members of the graduating class, academic staff and graduates of the three previous years can submit nominations for the award.

Instructors may be nominated in any year but those who have received the Stanton or Saunderson Award in the previous ten years are not eleigible for selection.

Name Faculty/Department Year
Dr. Sheryl Zelenitsky Health Sciences, College of Pharmacy 2017
Dr. Roisin Cossar Faculty of Arts, History 2016
Karen Busby Faculty of Law 2015
Robert J. Elias Geological Sciences 2012
Subramanian Sivaramakrishnan Asper School of Business, Marketing 2012
Saumen Mandal Statistics 2011
Rodney Kueneman Sociology 2011
Reginald A. Litz Business Administration 2010
Theresa Sullivan School of Medical Rehabilitation 2009
Malcolm C. Smith Asper School of Business, Marketing 2008
Richard Harbeck Curriculum, Teaching and Learning 2007
Joan E. Durrant Family Social Sciences 2007
Donald Trim Mathematics 2006
Robert Emmett Finnegan English 2006
Brenda Cantelo Religion 2006
Lynn S. Scruby Faculty of Nursing 2005
Fred J. Shore Native Studies and Office of University Accessibility 2005
Ahmed Tazmeen Economics 2004
Heather Gill-Robinson Anthropology 2004
Cheryl Harasymchuk Psychology 2004
Laura Lamb Economics 2004
Marcella Eaton Landscape Architecture 2003
Carla Taylor Foods & Nutrition 2003
Michael O'Brien-Moran English 2002
David Ebert Anthropology 2002
Tracy Nielsen Sociology 2001
Gordon O'Connell Psychology 2001
Iryna Konstantiuk German & Slavic Studies 2001
John Rempel English 2000
Edward Shwedyk Electrical & Computer Engineering 2000
Thomas Berry Mathematics 1999
Charles Tax Accounting & Finance 1999
Keevin Bernstein Internal Medicine 1998
Isobel Waters Botany 1998
Attahiru Alfa Mechanical & Industrial Engineering 1997
Richard Harbeck Curriculum: Humanities & Social Sciences 1997
Tee Boon Goh Soil Science 1996
James E. Parker Medical Microbiology 1996
Terry D. Galloway Entomolgy 1995
Paul G. Thomas Political Studies 1995
Marie Edwards Nursing 1994
James Graham Civil and Geological Engineering 1994
Robert Madill Interior Design 1993
Wayne Serebrin Curriculum: Humanities and Social Sciences 1993
J. Hay Anatomy 1992
Jennifer Shay Botany 1992
Deepak Bose Pharmacology & Therapeutics 1991
Joan L. Irvine Curriculum: Humanities and Social Sciences 1991
D. A. McCrea Physiology 1990
C. J. Schwarz Statistics 1990
Mary Beth Montcalm Political Studies 1989
Grant Sims Mechanical Engineering 1989
Ross Henderson Business Administration 1988
Waldemar Lehn Electrical Engineering 1988
Thomas H. Hassard Soc. & Preventative Medicine 1987
Brian D. Macpherson Statistics 1987
M. G. (Ron) Britton Agricultural Engineering 1986
John A. Magill Shaw Pharmacy 1986
T. V. N. Persaud Anatomy 1985
Linda Wilson Psychology 1985
Marcel Blanchaer Biochemistry 1984
Glenn Swift Electrical Engineering 1984
John Bate Computer Science 1983
John F. Brewster Statistics 1983
Lawrence J. Breen Psychology 1982
Norman E. Cameron Economics 1982
Ian Ferguson Internal Medicine 1981
Margery Forgay Dental Hygiene 1981
Peter Forster Environmental Studies 1981
Constance J. Becker Nursing 1980
Brenda Loveridge Medical Rehabilitation 1980
Phillip H. Osborne Law 1979
James A. Romeyn Medical Microbiology 1979
Mina R. McDaniel Foods and Nutrition 1978
Carl R. Nelson Landscape Architecture 1978
C. Gordon Dilts Law 1977
Casimer C. Lindsey Zoology 1977
Gerald Friesen History 1976
Donald W. Trim Applied Mathematics 1976
Harvest Halvorson Microbiology 1975
Harold Penner Psychiatry 1975
S. M. Borden Dentistry 1974
Gordon Robinson Botany 1974
David N. Burton Microbiology 1973
Allan R. Ronald Medical Microbiology 1973
John L. Finlay History 1972
Edward I. Leith Earth Sciences 1972
Lillian B. Allen Family Studies 1971
Bob Altemeyer Psychology 1971