Olive Beatrice Stanton Award for Excellence in Teaching

2019 Saunderson & Stanton Awards Call for Nominations (.pdf)
2019 Stanton Award Guidelines (.pdf)

This award recognizes an outstanding University of Manitoba educator who has demonstrated continuing teaching excellence and who made contributions to advancing teaching and learning at UM.

The Award consists of a plaque and a monetary award of $5,000. The recipient will be included in the Convocation Ceremony and will also deliver a presentation within the U of M New Faculty Orientation.

First offered in 1968, the Olive Beatrice Stanton Award for Excellence in Teaching is presented annually at May convocation to an outstanding teacher. The $2,000 award is provided from revenue from Mrs. Stanton's bequest to the University. Members of the graduating class, academic staff and graduates of the three previous years can submit nominations for the award.

Instructors may be nominated in any year but those who have received the Stanton or Saunderson Award in the previous ten years are not eligible for selection.

Name Faculty/Department Year
Darja Barr Mathematics 2018
Dr. Horace Luong Science, Chemistry 2017
Dr. Gerald Heckman Faculty of Law 2016
Nathan Greidanus I.H. Asper School of Business 2015
Pauline Broderick Curr. Teaching and Learning 2012
Barbara Goodwin Nursing 2012
Howard Harmatz Business Administration 2011
Elena Smirnova Chemistry 2010
Sergio Carvalho Marketing 2009
Vanessa K. Warne English Film & Theatre 2008
Periyapatna S. (Raj) Dhruvarajan Economics 2007
Mary Ann Steggles School of Art 2006
William Z. Schulz Education 2005
Wayne Serebrin Education 2004
David Jenkinson Education 2003
Peter Bailey  History 2002
Carl Matheson Philosophy 2001
Linda Wilson Psychology 2000
Michael Cosmopoulos Classics 1999
Marianne Johnson Psychology 1999
Reginald A. Litz Business Administration 1998
Ann Stinner  Curriculum: Humanities and Social Sciences 1998
Gary Mischke Business Management 1997
Peter St. John Economics 1997
Lee Stuesser Law 1996
David M. McKinnon Chemistry 1995
Scott J. Ormiston Mechanical & Industrial Engineering 1995
Cliff Edwards Law 1994
Fred Shore Native Studies 1994
Dean Kriellaars Medical Rehabilitation 1993
David Williams English 1992
Dianne R. Jackman Interior Design 1991
Ken McVicar Political Studies 1990
John D. Mundie Business Administration 1990
Louise Kasper French & Spanish 1989
Donald W. Trim Applied Mathematics 1988
William J. Buckwold Accounting and Finance 1987
Geoffrey Lambert Political Studies 1987
John A. Bailey Philosophy 1986
Peter W. Cooney Accounting and Finance 1985
Jacob P. Redekopp Curriculum: Humanities and Social Sciences 1985
Betty A. Johns Curriculum: Mathematics and Natural Sciences 1984
Rod Kueneman Sociology 1984
Howard Card Electrical Engineering 1983
Wilhelm Guenter Animal Science 1983
William Brisbin Earth Sciences 1982
Michael W. Norgrove Accounting and Finance 1982
Waldron N. Fox-Decent Political Studies 1981
Kenneth Osborne Curriculum: Humanities and Social Sciences 1981
Stanley C. Jay Entomology 1980
Brian J. Katz Public Policy 1980
Dennis Orin Cooley English 1979
George R. Fuller Interior Design 1979
Gordon Harland  Religion 1978
Joan L. Irvine Curriculum: Humanities and Social Sciences 1978
Wendy J. Dahlgren Physical Education 1977
Ross Henderson Business Administration 1977
Ruth E. Berry Family Studies 1976
Arthur M. Schafer Philosophy 1976
Daniel C. Albas Sociology 1975
John S. McCallum Accounting and Finance 1975
Jack R. London Law 1974
Norma E. Walker Family Studies 1974
J. Geoffrey Eales Zoology 1973
John A. M. Shaw  Pharmacy 1973
William H. Brooks History 1972
Gerald Nemiroff Law 1972
David G. Martin Psychology 1971
Anna K. Storgaard Plant Science 1971
Victor Cowie English 1970
Grant Sims Mechanical Engineering 1970
H. Lees Microbiology 1969
David J. Lawless Psychology 1968
Tom Peterson Political Studies 1968