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Bona Fide Academic Requirements (BFAR)

A BFAR describes the knowledge and skills that a student must acquire in order to successfully complete a course or program. These are the essential and minimum requirements, including methods of assessment, which the student must meet.

BFARs are requirements that cannot be waived without consequences to the integrity of a program. They clearly outline the essential knowledge and skills necessary to complete an academic program and to enter into a profession. In essence, BFARs are similar to quality assurance standards, they ensure programs identify and state all required outcomes and that graduates meet those outcomes. BFARs also help prospective and current students determine whether requests for reasonable accommodations are required to complete a given program.

Determining the BFARs for programs are important because they:

  • Clearly define program expectations
  • Ensure academic integrity of programs
  • Increase transparency for students prior to beginning a program of study
  • Ensure students have attained essential knowledge and skills upon graduation

A note for students

If you are a student seeking information about accessibility for students with disabilities including academic accommodations, BFARs, or appeals regarding accommodations, please contact Student Accessibility Services.

If you are seeking information about the UM’s Accessibility for Manitobans Act Plan or the Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy including concerns about discrimination, please contact the Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management.