Military Support Database Application Support
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Description This service provides support to members of the Canadian Armed Forces for the military support database. This database provides a look-up table of prior learning equivalencies for military training.

Eligibility Canadian Armed Forces members.

How to Request Service Service is available to all Canadian Armed Forces members and does not require authentication.

Military Support Office
CSN/GP/Autovon – (204) 257-6011 (ask for 17 Wing Operator for the University of Manitoba).
Toll-free: 1-888-216-7011 ext. 9327

Availability Database is available 24/7.

Charges There are no charges for this service.

  • Provides prior learning equivalencies for military training.
  • Generates ad-hoc reports.

Owner The Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning

  • Functional infrastructure and network.
  • Functional military support database.
  • Military Occupation Code and/or military training details.
  • Person reporting incident needs to provide sufficient data.

Service Targets TBA.