Final Examinations and Grades

Exam Schedules

Proctored, in-person, final examinations are scheduled for most online courses. Students must remain available throughout the entire exam period until all examination and test obligations have been fulfilled. Travel plans are not an acceptable reason for missing an exam (Registrar’s Office – Final Examinations). On campus schedules are posted in your student aurora and online (Registrar’s Office – Exam Schedules) late October (December exams), early March (April exams), and late May (July/August exams).

Off-campus final exam schedules will be arranged separately and available through the Final Exam Management widget within your UM Learn course.

Exam Centre Declaration

Please review the following process to request and write your off-campus final exam for online courses. Be aware of deadlines to ensure you do not miss writing you final exam!

All off-campus exams are scheduled by the Off-campus Exam Coordinators located at The Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning.

Requests for off-campus examinations in online courses are made through the Final Exam Location Management widget of your course in UM Learn. You must make a location request in each separate course that you require an off-campus exam.

All other students are required to write their exams on campus, according to the exam schedule published by the Registrar's Office.


  1. Students living greater than two (2) hours from Winnipeg may request to write their examination at a number of off-campus locations. Travel may be required to reach an approved U of M off-campus exam centre.
  2. Effort is made to limit the travel distance to two (2) hours each way. However, remote locations within Canada and the USA, and all locations outside of Canada may require longer travel times.
  3. Students who will be located in China are limited to the following locations due to scheduling resources:

    • Beijing
    • Hong Kong
    • Shanghai
    • Guangzhou
    • Chongqing

Requests have strict deadlines to ensure that exam-proctoring arrangements are completed in time. If no request is received by the deadline, the student will be required to write their exam on the Fort Garry campus, in Winnipeg, without exception.

Options for your exam arrangements can be discussed with your academic advisor.

Declaring Your Off-Campus Exam

The deadline for Fall 2018 Off-Campus Exam Declarations is Friday, September 21, 2018.

  1. Do you live, or will you be located greater than (2) two hours outside of Winnipeg during the Fall 2018 exam period?
       NO – You must write your exam (s) on-campus in Winnipeg.
       YES – You must request your off-campus location in each course separately by the date indicated in your Final Exam Location Management widget.
  2. Access your course in UM Learn.
  3. Select the ‘REQUEST’ tab of the Final Exam Location Management widget to select an exam centre location.
       NEW: Students declaring China are limited to the locations listed for scheduling purposes, and may not declare ‘other’.
  4. Select the ‘VIEW’ tab to verify which location you have selected after allowing time for the data to load.
  5. Your exam location will be arranged, and approved, after the date indicated in the view tab. Once approved you will see your date, time and location listed in the ‘VIEW’ tab.
  6. More than one course? Repeat the above steps (1-5) for each online course you are taking this semester (e.g., If you are taking three distance courses and live in Regina, SK, you must select this location in each of the three courses.)

Off-Campus Exam Dates

The date of your off-campus exam may differ from the date listed in Student Aurora. All off campus exam dates and times, once declared and scheduled, will be listed in your exam location management widget within your UMLearn course.

Students must be available during the exam period and will be notified at least one month prior to the scheduled off-campus exam date. Once scheduled, that date is final.

*NOTE* Exam dates posted in Aurora are for on campus scheduled exams only.

Deferred Examinations

Please note information regarding Deferred and Missed Exams.

Students should familiarize themselves with the examination regulations and other policies and procedures regarding academic integrity.