Final Examinations and Grades

Exam Schedules

Proctored, in-person, final examinations are scheduled for most distance and online courses. You must be available to write your final examination during the final examination period as specified in the Academic Calendar. Schedules are posted in late October (December exams), early March (April exams), and late May (July/August exams).

Exam Centre Declaration

New off-campus exam request process for Fall 2016! The process for requesting an off-campus location to write you final exam for distance and online courses has changed. Please review the follow process, and complete as needed to ensure you don't miss writing you final exam!

Students living greater than two (2) hours from Winnipeg may request to write their examination at a number of off-campus locations, which may require up to a two-hour travel to reach an approved U of M off-campus exam centre. All other students are required to write their exams on campus.

Students requesting an off-campus invigilation site are required to travel up to two (2) hours one way to reach their invigilation site.

Requests for off-campus examinations in distance and online courses are made on a course-by-course basis through each of your online courses in UM Learn. You must make a request in each course that you require an off-campus exam for. Note that this is different than previous years.

Requests have strict deadlines to ensure that exam proctoring arrangements can be completed in time. If no request has been received by the deadline the student will be required to write their exam on the Fort Garry campus, in Winnipeg, without exception.

Fall Deadline for off-campus final exam declaration - October 1
Winter Deadline (Winter, Fall/Winter) for off-campus final exam declaration - February 15

To request an off-campus examination for a course you are currently enrolled in complete the following:

  1. Do you live greater than two hours outside of Winnipeg?
    No - You must write your exam on-campus in Winnipeg.
    Yes - You must request your off-campus location in each course separately by October 1st, 2016.
  2. Access your course in UM Learn.
  3. Select the 'Request' tab to select an exam centre location.
  4. Select the 'View' tab to verify which location you have selected.
  5. Your exam location will be arranged, and approved, later in the semester.
  6. Repeat the above steps for any additional distance and online courses you are taking this semester. E.g., if you are taking three distance courses, and live in Regina, SK, you must select this location separately in each of your three courses.

Students, in online courses, that requested to write a final examination at an off-campus final exam location will be notified via the Exam Location Management widget on their UM Learn course homepage regarding the scheduled date and time of their final exam(s). Off-campus final exams are scheduled during the UM examination period. However, the date and time for final exams written off-campus may differ from the exam schedule posted by the Registrar's Office. Students should familiarize themselves with the examination regulations and other policies and procedures regarding academic integrity.

Deferred Examinations

For information on deferred examination, please refer to the Registrar's Office.

Release of Grades

Final grades for courses are published in Aurora following the end of the term. For more information about dates related to final grades please visit Important Dates & Deadlines.