Online Learning

Online courses are hosted by a learning management system (LMS) where you can login and access your courses in a secure environment. You can read course materials, discuss with your classmates and instructor, submit assignments and check assignment grades.

How Our Courses Work

Online course deliveries vary, but standard features in all courses include interaction options such as chat, student lounge and e-mail, and online assignment submission.

Courses may also feature one or more of the following features:

  • PDFs of course materials in the course website
  • Scheduled web conferences (required in some courses)
  • Tutorials (Fort Garry Campus)
  • Audio/video resources
  • Links to online library and web resources

Technical Requirements

The technologies required vary depending on the course. A high speed Internet connection is necessary for courses that have web conferences and streaming videos, and certain software is necessary to view digitized files.

If you plan to access your course(s) from a computer at work

Many organizations have firewalls blocking the ports used by our learning management system. So if you plan to access course websites from work, you may have to make special arrangements with your computer administrator since you will need to confirm that you have access to the correct ports before the term begins. Try to access your course website, as early as possible, from all computers you intend to use.

If your course includes web conferences

For courses that offer synchronous web conferences, you will require a headset (headphones combined with microphone).

Claiming an ID

You must claim a UMnetID (a user ID and password) before you can logon to the course website. If you are a returning student, you may already have a UMnetID. Be sure to copy your user ID and password in a safe place as this information gives you access to several computer services on campus, as well as your course website(s). If you have problems claiming your UMnetID contact the IST Service desk at (204) 474-8600 or Please allow at least one business day after claiming your ID before logging into your course website.

Logging into the course website

Access your courses on UM Learn.

If you register prior to the start of the term, courses will be available on the course start date. If you register during the late registration/revision period, you should be able to access your course 24 hours after registering.

Submitting assignments

Unless specific instructions are outlined on the course website or your instructor's letter of introduction, assignments must be submitted online. Assignment due dates are indicated in your course material. You can confirm that your assignments were received and check your assignment grades using your course website.


Unless otherwise specified, you are responsible for ordering your textbooks, readings packages, CDs/DVDs, or other required materials from the UM Book Store. Some reading materials and/or CDs/DVDs can be borrowed from Off-Campus Library Services.


Proctored, in-person, final examinations are scheduled for distance and online courses. You must be available to write your final examination during the final examination period as specified in the Academic Calendar. For more information please visit Exams.