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The course syllabi for these online courses are provided as samples. The actual syllabus for a given course offering may be different. Use Aurora Student to identify when a particular online course is offered.

Contact the Academic Advisor for the course’s home Faculty for more information, and for additional course syllabi.

Number Section Course Name & Syllabus (.pdf)
ACC 1100 D01 Introductory Financial Accounting
ACC 1110 D01 Introductory Managerial Accounting
ANTH 1210 D01 Human Origins and Antiquity
ANTH 1220 D01 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 2550 D01 Culture and the Individual
ARTS 1110 D01 Introduction to University
ARTS 1160 D01 Leadership: An Interdisciplinary Approach
BIOL 1000 D01 Foundations of Life
BIOL 1010 D01 Biological Diversity and Interactions
BIOL 2410 D01 Human Physiology 1
BIOL 2420 D01 Human Physiology 2
CATH 1190 D01 Introduction to Catholic Studies
CHEM 0900 D01 Preparatory Chemistry
CLAS 1270 D01 Introduction to Ancient Greek Culture
CLAS 1280 D01 Introduction to Ancient Roman Culture
CLAS 2520 D01 Greek and Roman Mythology
COMP 1010 D01 Introductory Computer Science 1
COMP 1020 D01 Introductory Computer Science 2
COMP 1260 D01 Introductory Computer Usage 1
COMP 1270 D01 Introductory Computer Usage 2
COMP 2140 D01 Data Structures and Algorithms
ECON 1010 D01 Introduction to Microeconomic Principles
ECON 1020 D01 Introduction to Macroeconomic Principles
ECON 2010 D01 Microeconomic Theory 1
ECON 2020 D01 Macroeconomic Theory 1
ECON 2040 D01 Quantitative Methods in Economics
EDUA 1540 D01 Cross Cultural Education
EDUA 1560 D01 Adult Learning and Development
EDUA 1570 D01 Foundations of Adult Education
EDUA 1580 D01 Program Planning in Adult Education
EDUA 1590 D01 Facilitating Adult Education
EDUA 3420 D01 Cross-Cultural Education
EDUA 5600 D01 Introduction to Inclusive Special Education (Part B)
EDUA 5630 D01 Assessment and Instruction in Inclusive Special Education (Part B)
EDUA 5670 D01 Strategies for Organizing Inclusive Classrooms and Schools
EDUA 5680 D01 Promoting Responsible Behaviour in Educational Settings
EDUA 5800 D01 Introduction to Educational Research
ENGL 0930 D01 English Composition
ENGL 1200 D01 Representative Literary Works
ENGL 3190 D01 Studies in Special Topics: Prairie Literature
ENTM 3190 D01 Introduction to Applied Entomology
ENVR 1000 D01 Environmental Science 1 - Concepts
FAAH 1030 D01 Introduction to Art 1A
FAAH 1040 D01 Introduction to Art 2A
FAAH 1100 D01 Survey of Asian Art
FAAH 2110 D01 Women and Art
FAAH 3590 D01 Islamic Art and Architecture
FIN 2200 D01 Corporation Finance
FMLY 1000 G02 Families in Contemporary Canadian Society
FMLY 1010 G02 Human Development in the Family
FMLY 1012 G02 Introduction to Social Development
FMLY 1020 G02 Family Issues Across the Lifespan
FMLY 1420 G02 Family Management Principles
FMLY 2400 G01 Family Financial Health
FMLY 2500 G01 Diversity and Famillies
FMLY 2600 G01 Foundations of Childhood Developmental Health
FMLY 3330 G01 Parenting and Developmental Health
FMLY 3600 G01 Adolescents in Families and Society
GEOG 1280 D01 Introduction to Human Geography
GEOG 1290 D01 Introduction to Physical Geography
GEOG 2570 D01 Geography of Canada (A)
GEOG 2580 D01 Geography of the United States (A)
GEOG 2630 D01 Geography of Culture and Environment (HS)
GEOG 2640 D01 Geography of Culture and Inequality (HS)
GEOG 3390 D01 Introduction to Climate Change and Its Causes (PS)
GEOG 3460 D02 Urban Geography (HS) (Part B)
GEOG 3760 D02 Canada's Natural Environments and Landscapes (A) (Part B)
GEOL 1420 D01 Exploring the Planets
GEOL 2570 D01 Energy and Mineral Resources
GMGT 3300 D01 Commercial Law
HIST 1440 D02 History of Canada (C) (Part B)
HIST 2282 D01 Inventing Canada (C)
HIST 2288 D01 History of Social Movements in Canada
HIST 2380 D02 The Twentieth - Century World (G,M) (Part B)
HIST 3052 D01 History of Canada Since the 1960s
HIST 3054 D01 Canada and the United States (C)
HNSC 1200 D01 Food: Facts and Fallacies
HNSC 1210 D01 Nutrition for Health and Changing Lifestyles
HNSC 2130 D01 Nutrition Through The Life Cycle
HNSC 2170 D01 Nutrition for Health Professionals
KPER 1200 D01 Physical Activity, Health and Wellness
KPER 1400 D01 Concepts of Recreation and Leisure
KPER 2540 D01 Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
MATH 1010 D01 Applied Finite Mathematics
MATH 1300 D01 Vector Geometry and Linear Algebra
MATH 1300 D02 Vector Geometry and Linear Algebra
MATH 1500 D01 Introduction to Calculus
MATH 1700 D01 Calculus 2
MTK 2210 D01 Fundamentals of Marketing
NATV 1220 D01 The Native Peoples of Canada, Part 1
NATV 1240 D01 The Native Peoples of Canada, Part 2
NATV 2020 D01 The Métis of Canada
NATV 2080 D01 Inuit Society and Culture
PHIL 1200 D02 Introduction to Philosophy (Part B)
PHIL 1290 D01 Critical Thinking (Part A)
PHIL 1320 D02 Introductory Logic (Part B) 
PHIL 2290 D02 Ethics and Society (Part B)
POLS 1500 D02 Introduction to Politics (Part B)
POLS 2040 D02 Introduction to International Relations (Part B)
POLS 2070 D02 Introduction to Canadian Government (Part B)
POLS 2510 D02 Great Political Thinkers (Part B)
POLS 3340 D01 Middle East Politics
POLS 3342 D01 Arab-Israeli Conflict
POLS 3520 D02 Canadian Foreign and Defence Policy (Part B)
POLS 3950 D01 Research Methods in the Study of Politics
PSYC 1200 D02 Introduction to Psychology (Part B)
PSYC 2290 D02 Child Development
PSYC 2400 D01 The Psychology of Sex Differences
PSYC 2440 D01 Behaviour Modification Principles
PSYC 2490 D01 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 2530 D01 Psychology of Personality
PSYC 2660 D01 Sport Psychology
PSYC 3150 D01 Behavioural Modification Applications
PSYC 3310 D01 Adolescent Development
PSYC 3470 D01 Dyadic Relations
PSYC 3660 D01 Sports Psychology
REC 2100 D01 Introduction to Leisure Travel
SOC 1200 D01 Introductory Sociology
SOC 2290 D01 Research Methods
SOC 2330 D01 Social Psychology in Sociological Perspective
SOC 2460 D01 The Family
SOC 2510 D01 Criminology
SOC 2610 D01 Sociology of Criminal Justice and Corrections
SOC 3710 D01 Sociology of Criminal Careers
SWRK 1310 D01 Introduction to Social Welfare Policy Analysis
SWRK 2080 D01 Interpersonal Communication Skills
SWRK 2090 D03 Human Behaviour and Social Work Practice (Part B)
SWRK 2110 D01 Emergence of the Canadian Social Welfare State
SWRK 3100 D01 Systematic Inquiry in Social Work
SWRK 3130 D01 Contemporary Canadian Social Welfare
SWRK 3140 D01 Introduction to Social Work Practice
SWRK 4070 D01 Social Problem and Social Work Practice Seminar
SWRK 4200 D01 Field Focus 1: Aging and Health
SWRK 4200 D02 Field Focus 1: Child and Family Services 2
SWRK 4200 D06 Field Focus 1: Child and Family Services 2 (Part B)
SWRK 4200 D07 Field Focus 1: Mental Health
SWRK 4200 D09 Field Focus 1: Mental Health (Part B)
SWRK 4210 D01 Feminist Perspectives on Social Work Practice and Social Welfare Policy
SWRK 4210 D03 Feminist Perspectives on Social Work Practice and Social Welfare Policy (Part B)
SWRK 4220 D01 Aboriginal People and Social Work Practice
SWRK 4220 D03 Aboriginal People and Social Work Practice (Part B)
SWRK 4260 D03 Addictions and Child and Family Services Practice
SWRK 4300 D01 Field Focus 2: Aging and Health
SWRK 4300 D02 Field Focus 2: Child and Family Services 2
SWRK 4300 D06 Field Focus 2: Child and Family Services 2 (Part B)
SWRK 4300 D07 Field Focus 2: Mental Health
SWRK 4300 D09 Field Focus 2: Mental Health (Part B)
UKRN 1310 D01 Introductory Ukranian
WOMN 1600 D01 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies in the Social Sciences