The Level 1: Novice Graduate Teaching Program (GTP), offered by the Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (The Centre), is for graduate students who are in the early stages of their teaching careers and who want to learn more about teaching in higher education. The knowledge and skills attained in the program will help graduate students further develop their confidence and competence as a new teacher.

The overall goals of the Level 1: Novice GTP are to enable graduate students to:

  1. Prepare for lifelong learning in the field of higher education teaching.
  2. Understand ethics and integrity in teaching.
  3. Understand and support diversity and inclusion in teaching.
  4. Develop an awareness of higher education pedagogy.
  5. Develop professionalism in a teaching role.


The Level 1: Novice GTP is accredited through SEDA, a professional association in the United Kingdom that promotes innovation and good practices in higher education. Within SEDA, the Level 1: Novice GTP is accredited under the SEDA Professional Development Framework (SEDA-PDF) named award Supporting Learning. The program is underpinned by the SEDA Values, the Core Development Outcomes, and the Specialist Outcomes for this award, which can be found at:

Program Components

There are three mandatory components to Level 1: Novice GTP:

  1. Orientation (Full Day: 9:00–4:00pm) — Offered in February, May, and October each year

    During the orientation, participants will learn about program requirements, suggested pathways for completion, and the SEDA Values and Outcomes.

  2. Two Teaching Essential Institutes

    1. Teaching Essentials 1 Institute (GTPNTE1) (Full Day: 8:30–4:30pm) — Offered in February, May, and October each year

      Teaching Essentials 1 Institute (GTPNTE1) marks the beginning of the program. Participants will identify and reflect upon principles of adult learning and effective teaching practices, engage in reflective practice, begin to develop a teaching philosophy statement, create professional development goals, and learn about academic employment at the University of Manitoba.

    2. Teaching Essentials 2 Institute (GTPNTE2) (Full Day: 8:30–4:30pm) — Offered in January, April, and September each year

      Teaching Essentials 2 Institute (GTPNTE2) marks the end of the program. Participants will identify strategies for maintaining a work/life balance as a graduate student and new teacher, identify strategies for designing and delivering effective presentations, and further articulate their professional development plan for future growth and development as a teacher.

  3. The maximum number of participants allowed per Teaching Essentials 2 Institute is 18 participants. The minimum number of participants needed to offer the Teaching Essentials 2 Institute is 5 participants. You will receive notification from The Centre if the institute is cancelled.

  4. Seven Workshops (Half Day: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. OR 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.) – Offered six times each year except GTPN02A, GTPN02B, and GTPN02C, which are offered three times each year.

    The workshops provide essential information on a variety of teaching topics related to working with students in the classroom. The workshops are designed to be interactive and engaging where participants will learn with and from their peers.

    1. Preparing to Teach your First Day of Class (GTPN01)
    2. One of the following:
      1. Facilitating Discussion-Based Seminars (GTPN02A)
      2. Facilitating Labs (GTPN02B)
      3. Facilitating Student-Centered Lectures (GTPN02C)
    3. Supporting Diverse Learners (GTPN03)
    4. Conflict Management (GTPN04)
    5. Ethical Practice (GTPN05)
    6. Grading Practices and Constructive Written Feedback (GTPN06)
    7. Verbal Feedback and Presentation Skills (GTPN07)
Program Assessments

The Level 1: Novice GTP includes a series of assessments at various stages in the program that are associated with the SEDA Values and Outcomes:

  1. Reflection Papers
    You will complete nine reflections throughout the program. Each reflection will connect institute or workshop content to the associated SEDA values and outcomes.
  2. Teaching Philosophy Statement
    You will develop elements of your teaching philosophy statement including what qualities make a “good” instructor and why these qualities are important in the Teaching Essentials 1 Institute. You will draft a teaching philosophy statement for feedback after the institute. During the Teaching Essentials 2 Institute at the end of Level 1: Novice GTP, you will deliver a short presentation that conveys the key ideas in your teaching philosophy statement.
  3. Professional Growth Plan
    You will begin to develop a professional growth plan where you will set short and long-term goals for your teaching development. You will re-visit and modify your professional development plan in the Teaching Essentials 2 Institute.
  4. Oral Presentation
    As part of the Teaching Essentials 2 Institute, you will deliver a 10-minute presentation based on your teaching philosophy statement and the selection of three SEDA values and outcomes you acquired during the Level 1: Novice GTP.
  5. Final Reflection Essay
    In this final assessment, you will write a reflection on all of the information presented during the Level 1: Novice GTP and how it connects to the SEDA values and outcomes. Reflection papers completed throughout the program will provide the basis for writing this final reflection essay.
Program Completion

Graduates of the Level 1: Novice GTP will receive certifications of completion from both SEDA and The Centre.

*Please Note: Participants must complete the Level 1: Novice GTP at the same time of or prior to their graduation from the University of Manitoba. Participants should ensure they leave enough time to finish program requirements prior to their graduation from the University of Manitoba. Graduation from the Level 1: Novice GTP and the University of Manitoba in the same month cannot be guaranteed.

Who is Eligible?

The program is available for current full-time or part-time Masters, PhD students, and Post-Doctoral Fellows at the University of Manitoba. There is no cost.

If participants register for the program and have less than 12 months remaining in their graduate studies, they will be required to meet with the GTP Leader at The Centre prior to their acceptance into the program. Please contact to set up an appointment.

Level 1: GTP Schedule

The Level 1: Novice GTP is designed to be a one year program with a maximum of two years allotted to complete all program requirements. The program is designed to be flexible and it is possible to complete the program at a faster pace should participants wish to do so.

Sample One Year Schedule

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Attend Orientation/Teaching Essentials 1 Institute Attend 3-4 workshops Attend Teaching Essentials 2 Institute
Attend 3-4 workshops Pass all assessments for Teaching Essentials 1 Institute and all workshops Pass assessments for Teaching Essentials 2 Institute
* Please Note: Completing the Level 1: Novice GTP according to the sample schedule is contingent on a participant passing submission requirements and there being minimum numbers necessary to run workshops and institutes.

Novice GTP Information Sessions (12:00–1:00pm)

There will be three information sessions held each year to provide potential participants with an overview of the program. It is strongly recommended that potential participants attend this session to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements prior to registration.

Level 1: Novice GTP Information Session Winter 2020 Date: Thursday, January 16, 2020 from 12:00-1:00pm, Room 223, 65 Dafoe Rd.

Program Registration

The Level 1: Novice GTP has intake three times in a year: February, May, and October. There is a capacity of 25 participants for each intake, on a first come first served based.

Program Registration Winter 2020 Date: Round 2: Monday, January 27, 2020 at 10:00am.

Due to popularity, the Level 1: Novice GTP February intake is full. Keep watching the website for the date and time for the next intake in May.

* Please Note: When registering for the program, participants must be available to attend both full days of the Orientation AND Teaching Essentials 1 Institute. If they are unable to attend these events at the same time, they will be required to register for the program again in a subsequent intake.

Orientation Winter 2020 Date: Tuesday, February 4, 2020 from 9:00am-4:00pm Room 223, 65 Dafoe Rd.

Teaching Essentials 1 Institute (GTPNTE1) Winter 2020 Date: Wednesday, February 5, 2020 from 8:30am–4:30pm Room 223, 65 Dafoe Rd.

Workshop Registration

Registration for the Level 1: Novice GTP workshops is found on The Centre’s website under Grad Workshops.

* Please Note: While the graduate workshops are available to all graduate students, only those enrolled in the Level 1: Novice GTP AND who have attended the orientation and Teaching Essentials 1 Institute are eligible to receive credit for the workshops towards the program. Workshop credit will not be given to potential GTP participants and those enrolled in the program but have yet to attend the orientation and Teaching Essentials 1 Institute. It is strongly recommended that these students wait to take the workshops at a later date to ensure workshop credit eligibility.

The minimum number of workshop participants needed to offer a workshop is 5 participants.  If there are 4 or fewer participants, the workshop may be cancelled at the discretion of the facilitator. You will receive notification from The Centre if the workshop is cancelled.

Further Information

For additional information about the Level 1: Novice GTP please contact: