UM Teaching and Learning Certificate Mentor Program

Description of teaching mentor role:

The teaching mentor role is a vital component of our competency-based Teaching and Learning Certificate Program (TLCP) and is an important part of our work to foster a teaching community. Teaching mentors will provide support and evaluate the faculty members who are part of the two year TLCP. The teaching mentor will meet with the candidate on a regular basis (approximately 1 hour per week), evaluate and assess the teaching dossier, give verbal and written feedback, provide competency evaluation, and provide classroom diagnostic evaluation and support.


  • Three classroom evaluations and diagnostic feedback
  • Three competency/ dossier meetings per academic year
  • Prearranged/Scheduled dossier checks and written feedback to measure competency
  • Summative evaluation of teaching dossier and competencies
  • Written and verbal feedback of classroom audits
  • Flexible availability to support faculty member
  • Liaise with program coordinator
  • Attend community building social events
  • Attend training workshop and mentoring information session

The ideal candidate should:

  • Possess a strong grounding in pedagogy i.e. university teaching experience (10+ years teaching), or a B. Ed. and some university teaching experience, or have been recognized with a University wide teaching award (Stanton, Saunderson)
  • Have a commitment to quality teaching and a desire to share teaching experience and knowledge
  • Be in a continuing or tenured position at the university
  • Possess an understanding of the University of Manitoba working landscape
  • Be able to maintain the role of mentor for two years or through to the completion of the candidate's program (no more than three years)

If interested, please provide:

A letter of interest (a one page statement of why you would like to be a mentor)
A written letter of support from the Dean or Associate Dean or Department Head or Colleague of your faculty attesting to your teaching experience

Send to Colleen Webb ( by May 2, 2016.
You will be contacted by May 9, 2016.