Lunch Hour Workshops

New lunch hour teaching sessions! 12:00-1:00. 223-65 Dafoe. Bring your lunch and come and listen to faculty members share their new and innovative teaching strategies. Lunch hour teaching sessions are open to sessional instructors, instructors, librarians, pre-and tenured faculty members and graduate students.

Lunch Hour Workshops are not eligible for credit in the CHET Program.

Introduction to Video Editing - Tuesday, January 23

Simple concepts such as storyboarding, writing a script, and camera placement and positioning can make all the difference in the quality of your video. After learning the basics on how to shoot the video, we'll be delving into the editing software and looking at importing, timelines, layers, and transitions, and then further into how to get your video online and into UM Learn.

Facilitator: Christopher Ellis

Promoting Classroom Engagement - Tuesday, February 13

This workshop is structured as a panel discussion among students and professors from the Faculty of Law. The panelists will share their experiences and ideas for promoting a classroom experience that is engaging for both students and professors. The interactive panel format is designed to engage workshop participants by encouraging them to ask questions and share their thoughts in an open, class wide discussion.

Facilitator: Dr. Virginia Torrie (Faculty of Law)

Ask a Librarian: Student Questions about Your Assignments  - Tuesday, March 13

This session will discuss the types of assignment-based questions students are asking in the Libraries (there are lots!).  Based on student feedback, we will provide some tips for consideration when creating assignments/assignment guidelines.  Finally, we will share some of the ways librarians can work with instructors’ students, to ensure that assignments are understood, and done well.

Facilitator: Sarah Clark and Vickie Albrecht

Dealing with Matters Related to Academic Misconduct - Tuesday, March 27

Despite the best efforts of instructors to prevent academic misconduct, there will be students who cheat, plagiarize, and engage in other dishonest academic behaviours.  In this session, we will walk academic staff and administrators through a case of academic misconduct – from preparing allegations to the disciplinary hearing.

Facilitator: Brenda Stoesz and Brandy Usick