Standing Committees

Rules for all Faculty of Arts Committees:

1. All ex officio members have voting rights unless otherwise indicated.
2. The Dean of Arts or delegate is an ex officio member of every standing committee.
3. The Nominating Committee shall nominate faculty members for election to the various standing committees. However, any member of Faculty Council may nominate from the floor at a Faculty Council meeting at which elections are held.
4. Before completion of his/her term of Office, the Chair of the Nominating Committee shall ensure that a new Chair has been appointed.


Useful Documents for Standing Committee Members (All links are to PDF documents unless stated otherwise)

Standing Committees Terms of Reference:

Manual for Student Appeals Committees [ pdf-17pp. ]
Academic Regulations Appeals Committee [ pdf-1p. ]
Academic Regulations Policy Committee [ pdf-1p. ]
Award in Internationalization Selection Committee [ pdf-1p. ]
Course and Programs Approvals Committee (CPAC) [ pdf-1p. ]
Indigenous Content Committee [ pdf-1p. ]
Local Area Safety & Health Committee [ pdf-2p. ]
[ pdf-1p. ]
Local Discipline Committee [ pdf-1p. ]
Endowment Fund Committee [ pdf-1p. ]
Executive Committee [ pdf-1p. ]
Diversity and Inclusion Committee   [ pdf-1p. ]
Nominating Committee [ pdf-1p. ]
Research Committee [ pdf-1p. ]
Rules and Procedures Committee [ pdf-1p. ]
Teaching Excellence Committee