Course & Program Approvals Committee (CPAC)



The Faculty of Arts Course and Program Approvals Committee meets twice during each academic year to consider both undergraduate and graduate course and program changes. The main CPAC meeting, held in July or August, considers all issues pertaining to course and program developments, including the introduction of new courses, the deletion of courses and program changes. The minor CPAC meeting, held in January, considers the introduction of new courses (primarily for new faculty members), changes to course prerequisites and the deletion of courses only. Changes going forward to the minor meeting must not result in a net increase of more than 9 credit hours.


CPAC Meeting

Academic Term CPAC Changes are Effective

Meeting with
Faculty of Arts to Discuss Changes
Requests sent to Other
Units for
Support Statements

Requests sent
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Submission to
CPAC (to include
all supporting documentation)
January 2020 2020-2021 N/A October 15, 2019 October 15, 2019 (courses) November 15, 2019
July/August 2020 2021-2022 March 15, 2020 April 1, 2020 April 15, 2020 (courses)
November 15, 2019 (programs)
May 15, 2020

Current CPAC memo (pdf)

All CPAC enquiries should be directed to a unit's CPAC member. If CPAC members or Department Heads have questions or require further information, please contact:

Greg Sobie
Telephone: (204) 474-9675

Questions about the CPAC process should be addressed as early as possible in order to meet with deadlines in the above table.

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Criteria for Written English (W) and Mathematics (M) Requirements

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