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This page is a resource for important administrative dates and deadlines. Please also see Important Dates & DeadlinesImportant Dates & Deadlines for Summer Term and Distance & Online Education.

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Academic Schedules

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2018-2019 Academic Schedule 

Registration Schedules

2014-2015 Registration Schedule
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Final Grades are to be submitted within four working days of that scheduled Final Exam.

Final Grades are to be submitted within of that scheduled Final Exam.
The final deadline to submit approved Fall Term 2018 Final Grades is Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at 4:00 pm

*After this time any course left ungraded will be automatically assigned the final grade of IP, after which the instructor must follow the Late Grade Submission guidelines in order to submit final grades.

Check with your Department administrator regarding your unit's grade submission policies. The Department administrator can advise of deadlines for submission of final grades, and of any separate deadlines within the unit. Final Grade deadlines for graduating students may differ from the deadlines for continuing students.

End of Term Processing

End of Term Processing begins one working day following the last Final Grade submission deadline.

Fall Term 2018 End of Term Processing will occur on Thursday and Friday, January 10 & 11,  2019

All automatic processes are usually completed within one business day, but will occasionally carry into the following business day, which will be followed by two days of reporting.

Note: There will be no registration or grading activity in Aurora during End of Term processing, and subsequent reporting, for terms up to and including the term being processed.


There are a number of graduation processing related deadlines at or nearing the end of each term. Please view the document below for these deadlines.

There are a number of graduation processing related deadlines at or nearing the end of each term. Please view the document below for these deadlines.
Fall Term 2018 EOT & Grad Processing Schedule (PDF)

Note: Students wanting to declare their intent to graduate after a particular term must do so using Aurora no later than the last day of the Revision Period for that term. Students who declare after that date with their Faculty may have missed some time sensitive communication. As such, please enter this information into Aurora as soon as possible so that the Convocation Office has sufficient time to communicate any missed information to the student.


Spring Convocation 2019: June 3-7, 2019

Information for Academic Attire for Convocation will be sent out via email; please note the deadline to reserve your attire. Platform Party members will have received instructions with deadlines in their invitation.

Please view the Convocation Schedule for further information.

Updated Oct 29, 2018.