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If the task you wish to perform is not found below, or should you have any other questions or concerns, please contact your unit's Records Advisor in the Registrar's Office.

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General Tasks in INB | General Tasks in Self Service | Teaching Resources
General Person | Student Record Maintenance | Registration | Grading
Academic Assessment | Degree Audit | Graduation

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General Tasks in INB

General Navigation
Contact IST
Adding Quick Access Links to My Banner
Check Course Registration

General Tasks in Self Service

Logging In
Look Up a Record
Check Undergraduate Admission Status
Check Graduate Admissions Status  
Check Full- or Part-Time Status  
View Student's Class Schedule
Generate Class List
View Academic History (revised March 2015)  
View Holds

Teaching Resources

Generate Class List
Email Your Class using Aurora Class Lists
Options available at the U of M for emailing your class 
View Waitlist (new July 2016)
Find Course / Schedule Info Online
View Class Schedule
Put Class Syllabus into Aurora Student
Office Hours in Aurora
Submitting Final Grades (revised May 2020)

General Person


Student Record Maintenance

Reinstating Inactive or Suspended Students 

Changes  to  Student  Program: Updating  SGASTDN  &  SHADEGR

Manual Transit from U1 to Arts or Science

Managing Academic History 

Student Transit to Arts or Science in Error

Repeat & Equivalent Rules, and Manual Adjustments

Concurrent Curriculum (Degree program)

Concurrent Curriculum (Non-Degree program)

Displaying and Entering Comments in SWACMNT

Study Permit Information (GOAINTL)

President's Scholars

Program Withdrawal

Time Expiry: End Date (Non-Degree)

Updating Field of Study: Major/Minor Correction

View, Apply, and Terminate Holds

Athlete Sport Code: Add & Remove (SGASPRT)

Cohort Maintenance



Self Service Registration Manual

Registration Overrides

Applying Repeat, Sequence, Topic, and Mutually Exclusive Overrides (revised April 2017)

Grad Students in Undergrad Courses Outside of Program

Change Student Time Tickets Fall/Winter Registration (revised June 2020)

Waitlist Registration (new July 2016)

Registration in Repeated Courses with Limited Access

Registration Error Messages and Resources (PDF) (new June 2017) 

Challenge for Credit or Audit Registration

Apply a Course with Auxiliary or Occasional Grade Mode to a Program

Confirm Program Max Hours and Update

Viewing a Student's Registration Audit Trail
Registration Errors
Admin Pages Registration Manual


Entering Final Grades in Aurora (revised April 2015)
View and Approve Final Grades in Self Service
Late Grade Submission 

Academic Assessment

Academic Assessment Overview

Processing an Academic Standing Override when Registration Exists

Academic Standing Override with Admission

Academic Assessment 21- VW Students Returning

UM Achieve

Degree Audit Advisor Training Manual v4.0 (PDF) 

UM Achieve Exceptions Protocol v9.4 (PDF)


Graduation Date: Add, Modify, and Delete


Banner Class Scheduling Manual
Banner DE Class Scheduling – Quick Guide
Calculate Refund & Withdrawal Dates for Irregular Courses
Class Scheduling Quick Tips -Waitlist.pdf
Class Syllabus
Look Up Course Information
Scheduling Assess & Ab Focus Courses
View Student Class Schedule (updated October 2018)

Zero Enrollment for Cross Listed Courses



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