Calendar, Catalog, and Course Schedule

Calendar and Catalog Maintenance

The Calendar is comprised of two parts: (1) the Academic Info, which includes University Rules, Regulations, and Policies, as well as Faculty/School information and Program requirements, and (2) the Catalog, which is comprised of all the courses offered by a Faculty or school.

Calendar Content Providers submit content for the Academic Info section using the Calendar Content Tool.  Calendar content providers submit Catalog information to the RO, which is entered by the RO into Aurora Student INB.  Information is downloaded from INB into the calendar on a regular basis.

In order to use the Calendar Content Tool, you must be granted access.  Please see the Accounts & ID: Calendar Content Tool page for more information on obtaining access to, and using, this system.

Course Scheduling

In addition to these two parts of the Calendar, the Registrar’s Office also oversees course scheduling.  Schedulers submit scheduling information using Aurora Admin Pages.  See Banner Class Scheduling Manual for more information.

For information about calculating refund and VW dates for irregular courses to be added to the Aurora Class Schedule, see Calculate Refund & Withdrawal Dates for Irregular Courses protocol

Topics Courses

For information about scheduling a topics course, refer to the Topics Database to determine if the course has been offered within the last 5 years.

Questions about course scheduling can be directed to the Classroom Schedule Coordinator.

Updated June 23, 2020