Aurora Student: What is Aurora Student?


An Introduction | Available Functions

An Introduction

In the Fall of 2006 the University of Manitoba implemented a new student information system known as Aurora Student.  This system offers many services and replaces MyUMinfo, UMREG, and IMS.

Aurora Student has been developed using a software product called Banner. More specifically, it uses a version of Banner designed to run inside an Internet browser, which is called Internet Native Banner (INB).

In order to use the Aurora system, you need to have the necessary security access.  Please see the Accounts & ID: Aurora Student page for information on obtaining your security access to Aurora Student, and Signing in to Aurora Student.

Aurora Student encompasses the following University of Manitoba functions for academic degree and diploma credit:  admissions; student records management; awards; financial aid; transfer credit; academic programs; student advising/degree audit; class scheduling; fee assessment; registration; grading and academic assessment; transcripts; student fee account management; and graduation and convocation.

Aurora Student allows students, faculty and advisors to conduct much of their administrative business in support of academic activity using a standard web browser.  It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but may be shut down briefly for maintenance during off-peak hours.

While using Aurora Student Self Service or INB, if you need more information or instructions, select the Help link in the upper right hand corner of each page.  Alternatively, the Registrar’s Office Record’s Advisors are your Aurora Student support staff; please contact your unit’s Records Advisor for assistance.  Note that support by university staff is available only during normal office hours – 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.



Available Functions Within Public Area:

Course Catalog:  Allows you to search for any course in our general calendar (will contain courses that may not be currently offered).  If the course is offered in the specific term you are searching by, the course information will include links to its Class Schedule entry. This will indicate when and where the course is offered in that term.

Class Schedule:  Allows you to search for all courses offered in a specific term, and provides links to course information in the Course Catalog.


Available Functions Within the Secure Area:

The functions available to you in Aurora Student are dependent on your role at the University.  The type of security access you need for Aurora Student depends on the functions you will require.

Many of the functions required by U of M professors/instructors are available in Aurora Student Self Service.  Access to Aurora Student INB (Internet Native Banner) will be granted to those needing to use Aurora Student for functions not available in Self Service, or for those using Aurora Student in a Faculty or Administrative support capacity.

In order to use the Aurora system, you need to have the necessary Security Access.  Please see the Accounts & ID: Aurora Student page for information on obtaining your security access to Aurora Student, and Signing in to Aurora Student.

For Students:

Students can apply to the University, register for classes, view their fee assessments, print their tax forms, update their address and phone numbers, and do many other things, online.

If you are a current or former student, you will also see the menu items available to students.  The name you will see as your identifier in the system is that which is associated with your student record, if you are a current or former student.

For Faculty:

Faculty members assigned to courses, you will see links to Personal Information and Faculty Services. If you have other roles in addition to being a faculty member, you will see menu options available for those roles.

At this time, Faculty Services includes access to course section information, class lists, entering final grades, setup of Syllabus information, setup of Office Hours for courses, and viewing personal teaching schedules and assignments.

For Support Staff:

Support staff menu options will vary by role, but you may see links to Personal Information, Advisor Services, Faculty Support Services, and/or Student Reports.

At this time, Advisor Services includes viewing student records, registration, registration overrides, class lists, and fees.  Also, Faculty Support Services includes access to course section information, class lists, and viewing and approving final grades.

The only Personal Information you may update, as an employee, within Aurora Student are your Security Question and PIN.  Please review the Personal Information section of this website for more about updating your biographic or demographic information.


 Updated June 19, 2018.