Final Examinations

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For most faculties/schools, final examinations are conducted in December for Fall Term courses; in April/May for Winter Term and Fall/Winter Term courses and in May, June, July and August for courses offered in the Summer Term.  The Academic Schedule of the University, should be consulted for the exact time periods.

A Preliminary Exam Timetable is posted approximately one month after the beginning of the term.  The Final Examination Timetable, which contains the exact times and locations for each course and section, is posted by Registrar’s Office approximately six to eight weeks prior to each examination period.

Please familiarize yourself with the University of Manitoba’s Final Examination and Grades Policy and Procedures, which are applicable to all UofM exams.


Instructors may elect to have their final exam scheduled within the final exam period by the Registrar’s Office.  Departments electing to use the services of the Registrar’s Office must adhere to the regulations contained in section 2.8 of the Final Examinations Procedures.

Requests for examination scheduling for December an April exams are due mid-September and mid-January, respectively.  Specific dates will be determined annually by the Registrar’s Office, and will be communicated along with the appropriate forms to Department offices each term.

Any final exam being scheduled during the final exam period, but not by the Registrar’s Office, may not be scheduled until the Schedule of Final Exams has been released and until all students in the course have been consulted regarding conflicts with any other exams that they are writing.

Information for students on final exams.

Contact Exam Coordinator for help -, Ph: 204-474-8608

Summer 2018 - Exam Submission and Pick-up Deadlines 

Exam Dates
Submission for Printing deadline
June 1 & 2 May 22 June 1: 8am - 3pm
June 22 & 23 June 12 June 22: 8am - 3pm
June 28 & 29 June 18 June 28 & 29: 8am - 3pm
July 4 to 7 June 13 (through UM Learn) 1 hour before
  scheduled exam
July 27 July 17 July 27: 8am - 3pm

August 7 to 14
(Distance Education)

July 18 (through UM Learn) 1 hour before
  scheduled exam
August 10 & 11 July 31 August 10: 8am - 3pm
August 24 & 25 August 14 August 24: 8am - 3pm
Irregular Dates

Contact Exam Coordinator

* For final exams printed through the RO: it is the responsibility of the Instructor/Department to pick up the exam packages at the designated times. Other arrangements can be made by contacting the Exam Coordinator.

If an exam package is not picked up by the deadline, it will be up to the Instructor/ Department to arrange for alternate duplication of the exams.


Instructors who have had an exam scheduled by the Registrar’s Office or Summer Session are welcome to also have that exam photocopied by the Registrar’s Office.  The instructor must bring a copy of their exam to the Registrar’s Office, inside of an envelope or folder, at least 10 calendar days prior to the examination date (or by the provided deadline for Summer Term Distance & Online Education exams).

In addition to the requirements outlined in the Final Examinations Procedures, the exam being prepared by the Registrar’s Office must include the course code, number, and section; the date, time, and length of the final exam; and numbered pages. Alternatively these instructors may opt to have their exams photocopied by their department. 

Any exams prepared by the Registrar’s Office may be collected from the Registrar’s Office no earlier than 1 hour prior to the start time for that exam.  Bubble sheets (which differ from scantron sheets) and examination booklets for all Final Exams are available from the Registrar’s Office; these items will be supplied automatically with any exam prepared by the Registrar’s Office, in the quantity specified.  Supplies needed for any exams not printed by the Registrar’s office can be collected from the Registrar’s Office no earlier than 1 hour prior to the start time of the exam.


Students must check the examination schedule for any examination conflicts; conflicts may include having more than one examination scheduled at the same time, or three consecutive exams (see examples below). If a conflict is found, students must notify the Registrar’s Office immediately.

The Schedule of Final Exams, including midterm test for term-spanning courses, is posted mid-October for Fall Term courses and mid-February for Winter term and Fall/Winter courses.

Examples of three consecutive exams:

Monday morning, Monday afternoon, and Monday evening

Monday afternoon, Monday evening, and Tuesday morning

Monday evening, Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon

For students with conflicts due to religious observance, participation in specific scholastic and athletic events, or a medical condition, please see Deferred & Missed Exams (below).

Information for students who need to reschedule an exam


A student may file an application for a deferred examination with their Faculty or School as per the Deferred and Supplemental Examinations Procedures.

Students with known exam conflicts due to religious observance (interfaith calendar), participation in specific scholastic and athletic events, or a medical condition may request a deferred examination. Applications for a deferred examination due to a known conflict, as indicated here, must be filed 20 working days prior to the date of the scheduled exam. Travel plans are not an acceptable reason for missing an exam.

Students who miss a final examination for medical or compassionate reasons may be granted a deferred examination. Applications for a deferred examination after the examination has been missed must be filed within 48 hours of the date of the missed examination. A medical certificate of otherwise appropriate documentation may be required.

Information for students who need to defer or miss an exam.

Updated July 27, 2018.