This page is a resource for information about final grades and final grade entry.  Use the links below to access more information and "How To...." documentation.

Please also familiarize yourself with the University of Manitoba's Grading Regulations.


General Information  |  Entering Final Grades  |  Grading FAQ (PDF)
IP Notations and Late Grade Submission  Change of Grade
Final Grade Approval  |  Disciplinary Grades & Comments
Grade Appeals

General Information

All final grades are submitted electronically through Aurora.  Grades are to be submitted by the appropriate deadline*; it is important that grades are submitted in a timely fashion.

Departments are responsible for ensuring that their course grades are submitted and approved by the appropriate deadlines, and can use the “Faculty Support Services” menu in Aurora to monitor the submission of grades and grade approvals.

*Important Notes:

  • Final grades not entered by the deadline will be assigned an IP (In Progress) notation, and must be changed using the Late Grade Submission process.
  • Courses taught outside the normal term dates may have different deadlines; check with your faculty/school.

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Entering Final Grades

Steps for entering Final Grades using Aurora are found in Entering Final Grades (PDF).  This document includes grade entry information for:

  • Late Grade Submission
  • Change of Grade
  • Auditing Students
  • Spanned Courses
  • Students who did not write a final exam
  • Incomplete Grades due to the granting of a Time Extension
  • Continuing (CO) Courses

Once final grades have been entered and saved, a confirmation message will display indicating that all grades have been displayed successfully; any errors encountered will also be displayed.

Some departments require department approval of grades. In such cases, once the grades have been entered into Aurora they will accessible to the appropriate authority for approval. In this case, there is a notation at the top of the grade entry form that indicates whether approval is required and if approval has been granted. These grades will not be rolled to academic history until the grades for the class have been approved.

Once grades have been entered, approved if necessary, and ‘rolled to academic history’ they will be available to students through Aurora. At this time the grade can no longer be changed in Aurora , and the Grade on Transcript column on the grade entry form will be populated. Grades will be rolled every night.

To correct or change a grade after it has been rolled to academic history, use the Change of Grade Form.

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In Progress (IP) Notations and Late Grade Submission

Any final grade that is left as an ‘IP’ (In Progress) will be changed to an ‘F NP’ (F – No Paper) four months following the deadline for submission of grades.

Grades that need to be changed because of deferred exams, grade appeals or errors made must be changed using the existing Change of Grade process.

Instructors use the Late Grade Submission Template (.xls)**

Email your completed spreadsheet to your Department Head or designate, using the subject line to indicate your course number.

Late grades submitted to the Registrar’s Office directly from instructors will not be accepted.

Departments forward late grades to for processing.

 **Please note:

  • Student numbers do not require the leading zeros.
  • The only valid grade comment is No Paper and should be entered as “NP”.
  • Grades and grade comments can be upper or lower case.
  • Please maintain basic excel sheet formatting (ie. no font changes or colour filling).
  • If the course is term spanning, load the Term, CRN, Student Number, and Grade for both the Part A and Part B halves of the course.

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Change of Grade

Complete instructions for correcting or changing grades are found in Entering Final Grades (PDF).

Change of Grade form (PDF)

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Final Grade Approval

Steps for viewing and approving final grades in Aurora are found in View & Approve Final Grades (PDF).

Some departments, schools and faculties require that grades be approved by a department head or committee prior to being made official and available to students.  In this case, there is a notation at the top of the grade entry form that indicates whether approval is required and if approval has been granted. These grades will not be rolled to academic history until the grades for the class have been approved.

If department approval is required for your final grades, familiarize yourself with your department's deadlines - grades should be approved and submitted by the final grade submission deadline.

Aurora includes a facility that permits authorized personnel (normally a department head or designated administrative assistant) to View and/or Approve grades that have been entered, to track the progress of grade entry and to identify classes with missing grades.

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Entering Discipline Grades (DISC) and Comments

Discipline notations attached to grades use the grade comment DISC (Discipline).  These are entered by the Registrar’s Office.

Full details can be found in Submit DISC Grades and Comments (PDF).

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Updated June 20, 2018.