Grading and Grade Appeal Regulations

Please note that a new Final Grades Policy and Procedure came into effect September 1, 2013.  For more details about changes made to the final examination regulations, see New Final Examinations and Grades Policy.


These regulations are contained within two separate documents:

Final Grades Procedures

  • This document sets our procedures in connection with: final grades; incomplete grades; continuing grades; appeal of final grades; and grading systems.

Grade Point Averages

  • This document articulates the manner in which Grade Point Averages (GPA) will be calculated at the University of Manitoba.


Regulations pertaining to term work and final grade appeals are contained within the Final Grades Procedures.

  • Section 2.13 and Sections 2.14 and 2.15 deal with Appeals of Term Work and Appeals of Final Grades, respectively.


Updated June 19, 2018.