Records Management

Student Record Maintenance  |  End of Term Processing & Academic Assessment

Student Record Maintenance

Student record maintenance involves the maintenance of the student’s program information from admission until graduation.  This includes information such as the student’s program, major, minor, concentration, and graduation date.  Student record maintenance also involves maintaining accurate records for students who are completing two programs at the same time, called Concurrent Curriculum, assisting U1 students transiting into the Faculty of Arts or Science, and cleaning up records that have been updated incorrectly.

Please see the How To…  Student Record Maintenance documents for further information and instruction.

End of Term Processing & Academic Assessment

Academic Assessment is the end result of a series of events that occurs after the last Final Grade entry deadline for each term.  This series of events is referred to as End of Term (EOT) Processing, and includes a number of automated processes followed by two days of reporting.  You can view a general list of what EOT Processing encompasses (PDF).

Timing is of great importance during this time; it is not until the last day to submit Final Grades has passed that the remaining parts of EOT Processing can begin.  It is important that grades are submitted in a timely fashion so that accurate Academic Assessments and Pre-Requisite checking can be completed.

Please familiarize yourself and keep up to date with the Grading Deadlines and the End of Term Processing Timeline.

Please note that during the time in which End of Term Processing is being completed there should be no registration or grading activity in both Aurora Student Self Service and INB.


Updated June 20, 2018.