Grade Appeals

Please familiarize yourself with the University of Manitoba’s grade appeal regulations, found in the Final Grades Procedures.

Final Grade Appeals

Term Work Appeals

General Procedure Information for Departments

  1. Appeal Form

    A common term work appeal form can be found under the Forms section of the Registrar’s Office Staff & Faculty Resources website. This form includes procedural instructions and information for students. Departments should make their own copies as required.
  2. Deadlines

    Students who wish to formally appeal the grade assigned to term work shall have 10 working days to appeal after the grade for the term work has been made available to them.

    Department heads are responsible for the processing of the term work appeal in accordance with the regulations of their faculty/school, and within 15 working days following the receipt of the appeal.
  3. Process

    1. The appeal form will be submitted to the department, after the student has paid the fee at: Fort Garry Campus - Cashier's Office, 138 University Centre; Bannatyne Campus - using the secure drop box outside room P001. This appeal should not be accepted by the department if the fee has not yet been paid.
    2. The department should request the original term work, if needed.
    3. The department will sign the appeal form, indicating that the appeal and any required term work have been received.
    4. The department will issue a photocopy of the signed appeal form to the student as acknowledgement of having received the appeal form and the term work, if applicable.
    5. Once the appeal has been processed, the department head must complete the appropriate sections of the appeal form, including making note in the “Departmental Receipt” section whether or not the term work had been submitted with the appeal.
    6. Once all appropriate sections on the appeal form have been completed by the department head, the department must make two photocopies of the form and issue one copy to the student and the other to the instructor. The department will maintain the original for the department file.
    7. If the appeal is successful the department head must initiate the refund process by completing an Authorization for Refund form found at:, using FOAP #111008 G1003 509804 0015. This form should be submitted to the Revenue, Capital & General Accounting Office (315 Administration Bldg.).

Updated June 20, 2018.