UM Achieve Audit Team

Project led by Student Affairs with participation from the faculties, colleges and schools.


  • Sharon Bannatyne, Associate Registrar (Academic), Registrar's Office
  • Brigitte Wiebe,
    Advising Services Coordinator,
    Student Academic Success

Project Manager

  • Jackson Bruno,
    Information Services & Technology

Change Management Consultant

  • Maire McDermott,
    Human Resources

Career Services Representative

  • Elizabeth Boyle,
    Career Advisor, Career Services

Encoding Team

  • Angela Bailly, Team Lead
    Functional Analyst,
    Registrar's Office
  • Fatima Carreiro,
    Functional Analyst,
    Registrar's Office
  • Dianne Mutuc,
    Advising Analyst,
    Registrar's Office
  • Sarah Oliveira,
    Business Analyst,
    Registrar's Office

Functional Analyst

  • Gayle Gordon,
    Associate Registrar (Systems),
    Registrar's Office

IST Representatives

  • Kristine Ballantine,
    Application Consultant,
    Information Services & Technology
  • Lonnie Smetana,
    Application Development,
    Information Services & Technology


Advisors (with consultation groups)
  • Christine Adams,
    Academic Advisor, Faculty of Science:
    • Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of
      Environment, Earth, & Resources
    • Faculty of Science
  • Pat Fedirchuk,
    Undergraduate Student Advisor, Civil Engineering:
    • Faculty of Architecture
    • Faculty of Engineering
  • Lesley Friesen,
    UG Program Manager, Faculty of Arts:
    • School of Art
    • Faculty of Arts
    • Faculty of Law
    • Faculty of Social Work
    • Military Service
  • Wendy Kramer,
    Academic Advisor, Faculty of Agricultural & Food Science:
    • Faculty of Agricultural
      and Food Sciences
    • School of Agriculture
    • Faculty of Health Sciences
    • College of Medicine
    • Desautels Faculty of Music
  • Joan McConnell,
    Executive Assistant, Student Affairs, Faculty of Science:
    • Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of
      Environment, Earth, & Resources
    • Faculty of Science
  • Karin Nowak-Bailey,
    UG Program Administrator, Faculty of Kinesiology & Recreation Management:
    • Faculty of Education
    • Faculty of Kinesiology
      and Recreation Management
    • I. H. Asper School of Business
      (Faculty of Management)
    • College of Nursing
  • Susan Petras,
    Student Advisor, College of Dentistry:
    • School of Dental Hygiene
    • College of Dentistry
    • College of Pharmacy
    • College of Rehabilitation Sciences
    • Bannatyne Student Affairs
  • Greg Sobie,
    Manager, Student Services, Faculty of Arts
  • Ali Wood-Warren, First Year Advising Services Coordinator, Student Academic Success:
    • University 1
    • Access Program
    • English Language Centre
    • Extended Education
    • International Centre for Students
    • Indigenous Student Centre
    • Student Advocacy & Accessibility

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