Banner 9 FAQs

What systems will be affected by the upgrade?

Not Available:

  • Aurora INB and Self-Service
    • No transcript ordering
    • No Enrolment Verification ordering
    • No Winter registration activities
  • UM Achieve
  • Argos reports that pull from PROD

Available Services:

  • UMLearn
  • Admissions (through Radius)
  • Library services
  • Active Living Centre
  • Jump/Webmail
  • Direct access to Argos for ODS reports (until Friday 6pm)

Partial Access:

  • Ad Astra – ability to view all room bookings, add/delete events only

How will the Banner shutdown (Nov. 21-25) affect Waitlist?

Waitlist notifications will be disabled 24 hours prior (November 20th at 4:30 pm) to Banner shutdown. This means that students will not miss their opportunity to register for a Winter Term course or Winter/Summer spanned course. Waitlist notifications will resume November 26th at 9:00 am.

If I have set up My Banner in Banner 8, will it carry over to Banner 9?

Yes! If you have already set up the My Banner Menu in 8, your settings will carry over into Banner 9 automatically.

When accessing a page, will the list of results display pages that I do not have access to?

If you are using the Applications icon, only pages you have access to will be displayed in the results. If you type a page acronym into the Search icon or the Search box, a message indicating “No Results Found” will display.

At what point is the information in Banner 9 archived?

The University of Manitoba does not currently archive records. Once a record is created, it remains in the system.

Is there a notes feature in Banner 9?

A project is scheduled to begin in early 2019, which looks into the Advisor notes features in SSB.

If we are not able to go live on November 26th, what is the alternative plan?

Alternate dates are in place, should there be a delay with the upgrade. A review will take place prior to the set shutdown date (November 21st). The upgrade will be postponed until one of the alternate date if there is an issue during the upgrade; most likely December.

Will I still need to use Internet Explorer for reporting through SSB?

It is recommended that users continue to use Internet Explorer for reporting through Self-Service. However, more options may become available once SSB is upgraded

updated Nov 26, 2018