General Information

The institution-wide use of Astra Schedule to coordinate classroom assignment ensures that the needs of students, instructors, programs and the strategic goals of the university are met, while optimizing the use of teaching space. Benefits include:

Academic Space Assignment Criteria

"Best Fit" Approach

Classroom space is assigned based on information provided to the Registrar’s Office. A “best fit” approach is used to assign space to classes. “Best fit” is based on:

  • Capacity - A room that is large enough to accommodate the class enrolment, but not so large as to underutilize the space.
  • Room type- seminar, classroom, lab, etc.
  • Location – ‘Faculty home building’; geographic proximity to ‘faculty building’ (in the faculty zone)
    • Geographic exclusions have been set up to eliminate long travel distances.
    • Assign instructors teaching ‘back-to-back’ classes to rooms in the same building. (Note: back-to-back classes will be assigned to the same room if capacity permits).
    • College members have a preference for rooms in their home College building (size permitting).
  • Room features – tables vs. tablets, dual projection, sound system etc., other technology and features.

Classroom Technology

Requests for rooms with permanent audio-visual technology are greater than the number of rooms that are equipped with AV. All large theatres are well equipped with technology. If, after viewing the room features of assigned space(s), instructors require audio-visual equipment that is not in the room, instructors can order suitable equipment through Classroom Technology Support. Classroom Services sends information regarding equipment bookings prior to the start of classes in each term.

Class Scheduling

Spanned Courses

Locations for Spanned courses may be different for each term as enrolment drops after Fall VW.  Instructors must confirm their room assignments in each term.

Irregular Meeting Times

Courses that do not follow the University’s regular meeting patterns may be assigned different rooms for each meeting pattern. Example: EDUA 1810 meets Wednesday and Fridays in September; and Mondays in October. This course may be assigned two different rooms – one for each of those meeting patterns.

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Updated December 7, 2018