Classroom Assignment - Bannatyne

The RO assigns classrooms at the Bannatyne Campus classrooms according to specific delivery modes for each course.  The Colleges of the Faculty determine room requirements. 

Lecture style courses -assigned to general purpose classrooms and theatres based on course capacity.

Seminar or “group discussion” format courses are assigned to appropriate sized table seating spaces. 

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For more information regarding classroom assignment on the Bannatyne campus, please contact your College Dean’s Office to speak to the Academic Scheduler for the College.

Requesting Changes to Room Assignments

Requests for a change to an assigned teaching space must be made through the Registrar's Office by completing and submitting the on-line Classroom Change Request Form.

Classroom change requests will be considered if:

  • Change is required for medical purposes.
  • A different room type is required (eg. a seminar room versus a classroom).
  • There has been a timetable or course capacity change.
  • Back to back classes that are in different buildings (if you're in a large theatre, mostly likely we cannot accommodate).

Other requests may be considered but are subject to the Registrar's Office approval and classroom availability.

Updated December 20, 2018.