Classroom Assignment - Fort Garry

Viewing Your Teaching Schedule and Room Assignments

Instructors view their teaching schedule room assignments and room features through Aurora.

View teaching schedule and room assignments:

  1. Select Faculty Services
  2. Select Term – remember to view both Fall Term and Winter individually.
  3. Select View Faculty Detail Schedule

Schedule information includes:

  • The Course Syllabus (if loaded Aurora)
  • Class Lists  
  • Office Hours (if entered in Aurora)
  • Current enrolment
  • Scheduled Meeting Times
  • Class location (in the column titled "Where")
  • NOTE: breakout rooms do not appear on the faculty detail schedule.  Please contact the academic scheduler in your faculty to request a break out room(s) for your courses.

To view room details and features:

Click the “installed technology” link at the top of the Faculty Detail Schedule page to view the installed features and technology in assigned rooms.

Course delivery Preferences – Audio/visual, Room types and features

For more information or to submit preference requests, go to: Academic Preferences at Fort Garry.

Academic Preference Setting

The Registrar's Office builds a preference set, based on course delivery methods and needs, that is used in determining room assignments for Fort Garry campus classes.

Requesting Changes to Room Assignments

Requests for a change to an assigned teaching space must be made through the Registrar's Office by completing and submitting the on-line Classroom Change Request Form.

The Registrar’s Office will consider a Classroom change request if:

  • Change is required for medical purposes.
  • A different room type is required (eg. a seminar room versus a classroom).
  • There has been a timetable or course capacity change.
  • Back-to-back classes are in different buildings (note: if one class is assigned to a large theatre, the change cannot be accommodated).

Other requests may be considered but are subject to the Registrar's Office approval and classroom availability.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The largest Seminar Room on the Fort Garry campus has a capacity of 35.

View all FG classroom capacities: Classroom Capacities by Building.

Updated December 7, 2018.