Classroom Assignment - Fort Garry

Viewing Your Teaching Schedule and Room Assignments

Using Aurora, instructors may view their teaching schedule, room assignments and room features.

To view teaching schedule and room assignments:

  1. Select Faculty Services
  2. Select Term – remember to view both Fall Term and Winter individually.
  3. Select View Faculty Detail Schedule

Schedule information includes:

  • the Course Syllabus (if loaded)
  • Class Lists (once registration has commenced)
  • Office Hours (if entered)
  • Enrolment Counts
  • Scheduled Meeting Times
  • class location in the column titled Where
  • NOTE: If your course requires breakout rooms, they will not appear on your detail schedule. Please contact your faculty academic scheduler for break out rooms assigned to your courses.

To view room details and features:

To view the features and technology included in the rooms to which you have been assigned, click on the link at the top of the Faculty Detail Schedule page.

Academic Preference Setting

The Registrar's Office builds a preference set, based on course delivery methods and needs, that is used in determining room assignments for Fort Garry campus classes.

For more information or to submit preference requests, go to: Academic Preferences at Fort Garry.

Requesting Changes to Room Assignments

Requests for a change to an assigned teaching space must be made through the Registrar's Office by completing and submitting the on-line Classroom Change Request Form.

Classroom change requests will be considered if:

  • Change is required for medical purposes.
  • A different room type is required (eg. a seminar room versus a classroom).
  • There has been a timetable or course capacity change.
  • Back to back classes that are in different buildings (if you're in a large theatre, mostly likely we cannot accommodate).

Other requests may be considered but are subject to the Registrar's Office approval and classroom availability.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you wish to move to a different building or room type, please first note the Classroom Capacities by Building and that the largest Seminar Room on the Fort Garry campus has a capacity of 35.


Updated June 20, 2018.