New Electronic Communications with Students Policy

Effective September 1, 2013, the U of M is implementing the Electronic Communications with Students Policy. Read below to find out how this new policy affects you as a U of M staff member.

Why the change?

Every year at the U of M, students miss emails with crucial information from the university, their instructors, faculties, and other service offices.  A related concern is that the university ensures student privacy is not breached.  In an effort to improve in both of these areas, the U of M is implementing the Electronic Communications with Students Policy.

Links to the full policy and other supporting documentation can be found below.
What does the policy mean?

The Electronic Communications with Students Policy affects the way the university communicates with students:

  • To ensure that we know who the recipient of an email is, all university communications will only be sent to a student’s U of M email account.
    • This includes messages being sent using mailman lists, or through JUMP, UM Learn, and other administrative and academic support systems.
  • Guidelines for emailing students have been established; please see the supporting documentation included below.
  • Contact lists should be altered so that they no longer contain personal email addresses.
    • Lists already altered include Aurora Self Service and UM Learn class lists, mailman lists, and Aurora Self Service reports.
  • Responsibility for compliance with this policy rests with administrative heads of all applicable university departments (Deans, Directors, Department Heads, Managers, and Administrative Assistants responsible for communications with students.)

Specific implications for staff or faculty members who email students:

  • Distribution and Class Lists will no longer include students’ personal email addresses.
  • Students, staff, and faculty must adhere to the university’s Computer Accounts Usage Agreement.
    • You can reasonably expect that students are checking their university email accounts regularly.
  • Faculty and staff should adhere to the Guidelines for Sending Mass Email to Students (PDF), and consider what is outlined in Managing Email as a Record (PDF).
  • Instructors are encouraged to include expectations for electronic communication in their course syllabi and state that any class-related emails will only go to students’ U of M email accounts.
    • Although there are various methods for contacting your students (Outlook email, JUMP, and UM Learn), remember that Aurora is the system of record for your class list.
  • When receiving email messages from a student’s personal account, instructors and staff should respond only to ask the student to re-send using their U of M email account.
    • Students are responsible for their compliance to this policy; non-compliance should not be facilitated.
    • Instructors are urged not to accept assignments emailed from a personal email account.

Also new for Fall 2013!

In Fall 2013, the university is moving to a new cloud-based email service for students called “myumanitoba”. The new email addresses will end in “” and will continue to use "UMnetID" as the email address prefix. This service features increased storage capacity and is more user- and mobile-friendly than the current system. Students admitted after June 2013 will receive myumanitoba email accounts in August 2013, while existing students will move to the new system throughout the 2013-2014 Academic Year. 


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