Final Examinations & Grades Policy
The complete Final Examinations and Final Grades Policy and Procedures can be found at: Governing Documents: Academic - Final Examinations and Final Grades.

Documents during Exams :

  • Terminology:

    • The term Supplemental Examinations is now being used by the entire university community to refer to the opportunity to rewrite an examination that was failed ("Special Examinations" will no longer be used).

    Student Belongings at Final Examinations:

    • To protect the security of personal belongings, these may now be taken with the student to his or her examination desk.
    • Restrictions exist regarding placement of and access to these items; guidelines regarding what is acceptable will be provided to examination invigilators.

    Invigilation of Final Examinations:

    • Invigilation of final examinations can now be done by any person appointed to do so by the faculty/school.
    • A minimum ratio of students to invigilators has been established.

    Deferred Final Examinations:

    • Applications for deferred final examinations must now be made within 48 hours of the scheduled examination date, rather than seven business days after the end of the examination period; this will allow for timelier scheduling of deferred examinations.
    • In the case that a student attends the final examination, retroactive requests for deferrals are allowed only for students who are then unexpectedly unable to complete it – deferrals will not be granted for any completed examination. Invigilators must properly document the student's departure, as outlined in the Final Examinations Procedures.

    Examination Conflicts:

    • Previously known as Special Examinations, arrangements made for conflicts due to: participation in an inter-university, provincial, inter-provincial, national or international scholastic or athletic event; religious obligations; or a known medical condition, are now requested by students through the Deferred Examinations process with their faculty/school.
    • Arrangements made for students requesting an examination deferral for one of these reasons will be made as per the Deferred Examination Regulations.

    Final Grades:

    • Approved final grades are posted for viewing only in Aurora Student; preliminary final grades are no longer to be posted elsewhere by instructors.
    • A defined procedure for re-appealing final grades has been created; once a final grade has already been appealed, a re-appeal can only be allowed based on procedural grounds.


    Updated Mar 2, 2020.