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New Final Examinations & Grades Policy FAQ

This page will be continuously updated as new questions are received, and as new information becomes available. (Last updated November 13, 2013)

According to the new regulations, can Academic Advisors invigilate exams?

As long as they are appointed by the faculty/school.

Do deferrals have to be outside of the exam period?

The deferral period ends 30 days after the end of the exam period. A deferral can be offered during exam period, but this could easily cause conflicts for students in larger classes. Also, it is good to wait to know who all of the deferred students are before scheduling the exam – this will be sped up by the new 48 hour deadline to request a deferral.

Does a student have to request a deferral within 48 hours of the exam time, or the exam date?  What if the University is closed on the deadline?

The student must request the deferral within 48 hours of the exam date.  If the University happens to be closed on the deadline date, then the student would have until the next business day to submit their request.

What if the student is too sick to come in to apply within that 48 hours?

The spirit of this rule is to encourage timely applications.  The student should contact their faculty/school advising office as soon as possible, stating their intent to apply for a deferral.  The faculty, school, or advising office has the discretion to allow more time if they see fit.

Regarding students leaving an exam without having finished, and then applying for a deferral – is there any rule about how long they sat in the exam before choosing not to finish?

No, there is no time limit.

Regarding students leaving an exam without having finished, and then applying for a deferral – what documentation must be provided?

These are rare events, and are sometimes due to family emergencies. The Final Examination Procedures outline a process for documenting the student’s early departure from the exam. The student would require documentation regarding their reason for leaving.

Regarding deferrals, instructors currently have the option to assign a grade based on term work without requiring the student to write a deferral – is this still allowed?

Yes, this is still allowed.

Is there a different deadline to request a re-deferral?

No, it would be the same 48 hour rule as a regular final exam deferral.

Is a student allowed to return to an exam after they have handed it in and left the room, if they express having realized that they missed completing a section of the exam?

No, once a student has handed in their paper and lest the room, they will not be allowed back in.

Regarding allowing students to bring their personal belongings to their exam desk, there are concerns that students will be able to access things in their jacket pockets, or use their jackets to hide cheating behaviour.

Guidelines for invigilators regarding placement of and access to personal belongings during a final exam will be provided.

There have been situations where a student is re-appealing a final grade appeal due to alleged discrimination; how do the new procedures for re-appealing a final grade apply in this situation?

As the final grade procedure should be to treat people fairly and equally, this could be considered procedural and then treated as a request for a re-appeal based on procedural grounds. In all appeal situations, students should be referred to the resources available from the Student Advocacy Office.