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Getting Access to Aurora

Please read all of the information below regarding obtaining access to Aurora.

In order to use the Aurora system you need to have a User ID, a PIN and/or a Password, and the necessary security access.  The type of access you need for Aurora depends on the functions you will require; the functions available to you in Aurora are dependent on your role at the University.

If after reading the information below you have any questions or concerns, they may be directed to your Records Advisor in the Registrar’s Office.

  • Professors and instructors:
    Functions required by professors and instructors, such as viewing class lists and grading, are available in Aurora Self-Service. This access is provided automatically when an instructor is assigned to a class section; professors and instructors do not need to request access.
    If you are unable to view information for your course using Faculty Services in Aurora Self-Service you may contact your department for assistance.
  • Support Staff:
    Functions required by support staff are available in Aurora Self-Service and/or Aurora INB.
    1. Create your UMnetID using iridium, and select that you require access to Aurora INB.
      Note:  Your UMnetID is used for multiple accounts at the University, and is supported by IST.  Read more about creating your UMnetID and about maintaining your UMnetID password on the IST Computer Accounts and Services website.
    2. Submit an Aurora User Access Request Form, to the Registrar’s Office - please print the form to complete it and obtain signed approval from your Dean, Director, or Department Head prior to submitting it.  You will be provided with Aurora INB and/or Aurora Self-Service access accordingly.

Aurora Training

  • Unit-based training:  Aurora training is normally provided by your unit - usually by the person whose role you are assuming, or by another colleague who is familiar with Aurora.  Current instructional documentation is available at How To...  Documents.
  • Aurora support:
    • While using Aurora Self Service or INB, if you need more information or instructions, select the Help link in the upper right hand corner of each page.
    • Alternatively, your Registrar's Office Records Advisor is your Aurora support contact.  Note that support by university staff is available only during normal office hours –8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.
    • If more information is needed, after working with your colleagues, reviewing current documentation and speaking with your Records Advisor, please contact Angela Carreiro.
    • Please also see What is Aurora? for more information.

Signing in to Aurora Self Service and INB

Go to Aurora Self-Service  |  Go to Aurora INB

  • User IDs, PIN, and Passwords:

    You are responsible for your account PINs/Passwords; keep these confidential. You are responsible for all activity that takes place with the use of your accounts.
  • To log in to Aurora Self-Service:

    Using your Employee Number as your User ID, follow the instructions on the Aurora Log In page.

    Locked out of Aurora Self-Service?  Please contact the Registrar's Office.
  • To log in to Aurora INB:

    Using your UMnetID and Password, provided to you by IST (see IST Computer Accounts and Services website), follow the instructions available at How To...  Documents, "General Navigation".

    Forgot your Password to Aurora INB?  Please contact the IST Help & Solutions Centre at 204-474-8600.
    Locked out of Aurora INB?
      Please contact Arlene Chanel in the Registrar's Office.
  • Aurora Self-Service Security Questions

    On your first log in to Aurora Self Service you will be prompted to set up two Security Questions and Answers.  To verify your identity or if you forget your PIN, you may be required to answer one or both of these questions, either online or when talking to the Registrar’s Office of IST.  Be sure to select a question and answer that is personal and will not be known to others.

    If you would like to change your security question, Log In to Aurora Self Service, go to Personal Information, then select Change Security Question.

    If you have successfully signed in before, but you've forgotten your PIN, enter your Student Number and then select "Forgot PIN?  You will then be taken to your security questions, which should have been established the first time you logged in to the system.  Once you answer the security questions correctly, you will be asked to create a new PIN, and that new PIN will be needed to access your information from then on.

    Tip:  The answers must be spelled exactly as they were when created.  Answers ARE NOT case sensitive, but they ARE sensitive to punctuation.

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Updated July 9, 2019